Dollar Tree sunflower pizza pan door hanger

Sunflower Pizza Pan Door Hanger

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Late summer and early fall is all about sunflower decor to me. They are my favorite flower and I just love them. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll be buying a sunflower farm. Until then I’ll just have to decorate with them. This pizza pan door hanger or sign takes only 15 minutes and needs only 4 supplies. If you love quick, easy, and beautiful, you are in the right place. The sunflower pizza pan really came out with such an antique, vintage vibe between the transfer, the metal of the pizza pan and the bow. It’s the perfect combination, if your style is like mine. 

Sunflower Pizza Pan Wreath

Supplies for Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Door Hanger 

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan
Folkart Rub on Decor Transfer- Flower Market
Craft Stick (a popsicle stick) 
Buffalo Check Ribbon
Bowdabra (optional to make the bow)

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Door Hanger Supplies

How to Make a Cute Pizza Pan Door Hanger

Making a cute pizza pan crafts is one of my favorite things to do. This one can either be a door hanger or a sing to decorate your home. Also no cutting machine is needed, this is a good old fashion DIY.

Long before I had a Cricut, I loved decorating with rub on transfers. For along time you couldn’t find them, but I’m so glad they are making a comeback.

Step 1

Choose the rub on designs you want to use and cut them out.
Tip: Keep the rub on transfers on the white sheets. This allows you to move the design around the pizza pan.

Using scissors cut out the images that you want to transfer to the pizza pan

Step 2

Peel off the white paper and add the transfer to the pizza pan.
Tip: Make sure it’s exactly where you want it, you can not pick it up and move it.

Remove the rub on transfer and add it to the pizza pan decor

Step 3

Rub the whole design with the craft stick.
Tip: Go over the design twice.

Using a craft stick rub over the entire rub on transfer

Step 4

Carefully and slowly remove the plastic liner. It has such an antique and farmhouse vibe and I’m totally in love with it. 
Tip: If a spot didn’t transfer, lay the liner back down and rub with the popsicle stick.

Sunflower Transfer on the dollar tree pizza pan door hanger

Step 5

Create a bow with the black and white buffalo check ribbon and burlap  from the Dollar Tree.
Tip: Make two bows separately and attach them to the pizza pan with hot glue. 

Adding a double bow to the sunflower pizza pan door hanger

How do you hang a pizza pan?

Just choose ribbon or twine and hot glue it the back of the pizza pan. Then hang it on any door in your home.

Add twine or ribbon to the back with hot glue to make a pizza pan door hanger

To use it as a pizza pan sign, I like to lean them on shelves, tables, or counters against the wall.

Sunflower Pizza Pan Door Hanger

Dollar Tree sunflower pizza pan door hanger

Sunflower Pizza Pan Sign

sunflower pizza pan sign

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan crafts can be used for so many things. They are affordable and can be completely transformed.

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