Spooky and Cute Halloween Decor for your Home

Spooky & Cute Halloween Decor for your Home

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Decorating with spooky and cute Halloween decorations is one of my favorite pastimes. My son loves Halloween to and is always asking for more decorations. Today I’m sharing homemade Spooky & Cute Halloween Decor for your Home that you can make to!

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Spooky & Cute Halloween Decor For Your Home

BOO Sign

Simple Boo Sign for your Door with Halloween Scrapbook Paper
I love this sign! It’s made with wooden letters, scrapbook paper, mod podge, and ribbon.

Trick or Treat Sign

Creative Trick or Treat sign for your Halloween decorations
To create this sign I used a wooden sign, craft paint, ribbon, and the wooden Halloween decorations from the craft store. Then using my Cricut I cut out the words in vinyl.

WWYF 728x90


Creative idea to have spooky as a Halloween decoration idea

These letters were super fun to create! I was so excited when I found them at the craft store for 80%. I couldn’t find two letter o’s so I used a B and put it on it’s side. The letters are all painted and have vinyl and paper embellishments to make each one unique.

Halloween Centerpiece

I created this fun centerpiece with card stock using my Cricut. I put it in a cauldron and it makes a great centerpiece for parties or just to decorate with. Every year the kids have a Halloween Party and here are some Easy DIY Halloween Party Ideas .

Halloween Centerpiece made with Cricut for a budget friendly kid party centerpiece

Halloween Porch Decor

Yes we even decorate for Halloween outside too! We put out yard stakes, flags, and lights. For the lights, I cut and tied on plastic tablecloths in black, orange, and purple. This took a lot of time, but it looks great. It’s been outside for 3 years now and it still looking spooky and cute.

Creative halloween porch decor idea for the outdoors

Halloween Countdown Sign

The kids ask all the time “When’s Halloween?” and this board has been a life saver. I just direct them to the Countdown Board and they can visually see when Halloween is. This is made with card stock, vinyl, and a magnetic dry erase board.

Halloween Countdown Sign for kids

Halloween Fabric Wreath

I love wreaths and I always have a wreath on the door. I also add them into my inside decor to because wreaths look great inside to. Here is the fabric wreath of how to create the fabric wreath. I love fabric wreaths because you can customize it with any fabrics you want.
Halloween Fabric Wreath tutorial to make

Witches Broom Decoration

Budget friendly craft and party decor with all dollar store halloween items to make a witches broom decoration

When I brought this broom home, the kids fell in love with it and I had to go back to the store and buy more. This is a simple DIY door decor

Halloween Mason Jars

Mason Jars make great crafts. Plus these match great with the SPOOKY on the shelf. These are easy to make, you just need paint, vinyl, and mason jars. Here is the mason jar tutorial

Simple and easy Halloween mason jars from the dollar store

Do you like to decorate for Halloween?

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