Cricut Joy Label Designs from the App with Smart Vinyl

Shortcut to Making Cricut Joy App Label Designs

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Shortcuts with Cricut are always a time saver and make creating easier. Using the Cricut Joy App Label Designs is awesome and you can create labels in minutes. Have you ever just fallen in love with a label? I did on the Cricut Joy App with the coffee label and new I had to have it on my coffee canister. 

As with all apps, pictures make the most sense, but I’m going to share some important pieces of information along the way. If you have never used the Cricut Joy App before, here are the Basics and Everything You Need to Know About the Cricut Joy App. 

Of course Cricut Joy Labels can be made out of writable vinyl, writeable paper, Smart Vinyl or permanent vinyl

Vinyl label design made with my iPhone and Cricut Joy

Shortcuts to Making Labels with the Cricut Joy 

1- It will always be the right size for the Cricut Joy  to cut

2- All the labels are in the app and sorted by drawing, cutting and vinyl 

3- Just click Start Making under Quick Labels 

How to Make Cricut Joy App Label Designs

Step 1: Open the Cricut Joy App and click start under Quick Labels

Click quick labels in the Cricut Joy app to get started

Step 2: Tap Start Making and choose the label you want to use. Once you choose the label hit next. 

Click Start Making in the Cricut Joy App for labels

Step 3: Type in your text, click done and next. 

Type in your text that you want on the label

Step 4: To edit the text, click edit at the bottom. It will read sample until you hit done. I went back and forth a few times to see my word in the actual font. 

Editing the label text, font and style in the Cricut Joy App Label Designs


Step 5: Select the material you are using and click Make It. For my label today it’s smart vinyl. 

Select the material and click make it

Step 6: Once you click make it, choose the Cricut Joy to connect with bluetooth and follow the prompts to complete the cut. 

Cutting the label with the Cricut Joy App

Step 7: Finish your project and enjoy your new labels. 

Cricut Joy Label Designs from the App with Smart Vinyl

Remember labels don’t have to be a design, but can just be words. Like my glue sticks container. 

Vinyl label made on the Cricut Joy App


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