Pretty Floral Spring Sign

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Do you walk around the stores, thinking I can make that? Or maybe snap a photo of signs you would like in your home? Join the club because that’s me. I saw this spring sign at the craft store and knew I could create it. This spring sign has pretty neutral tones and its simplicity makes it beautiful.

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Wood Pallet
White Paint
Green Paint-Sherwin Williams Zeus
Chip Decor Letters for Spring
Hot Glue Gun/Glue

Once I get pass the mud and mess of spring, I can see the beauty. Spring is a beautiful time as the earth awakens after winter. The buds on the trees, the green grass, and the flowers beginning to bloom. I want my sign to encompass that beauty.

Let’s Create a Pretty Floral Spring Sign

To get started I painted my boards white and gave it a light sanding. My husband took apart a pallet and nailed these boards together to create my sign, but you can buy something similar here.

I went into Hobby Lobby to just get decorative Easter Eggs for an upcoming wreath (so check back soon), but I had to see what else they had. I’m so happy that I did! I found the chip decor letters and the florals for 50% off, which is awesome! Seriously this sign ended up costing about $6 and if you’ve seen similar signs at the craft stores/home decor they cost a lot more than that. My spring sign is on trend this year!

I painted the letters for spring with the Zeus from Sherwin Williams and gave them a light sanding. I really wanted this sign to be in muted, natural tones for Spring.

After everything was completely dry, I positioned the letters and flowers on the sign.

The flower have such pretty centers from wooden beads to buttons, how cute! Then I hot glued everything to the sign.

It’s so pretty! I like adding vertical signs to give my decor some height. This sign can also be hung too. I might have to make a seasonal collection of these or make them reversible.

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