Materials for Making Minecraft Creeper Blocks

Minecraft Creeper Bedroom Curtain Rod

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Minecraft has taken over my son’s world and now his bedroom. I think we are having a conversation about real life and then it ends with “in Minecraft.” Who else can relate to that? Creating a Minecraft themed bedroom for my son has been in the works for awhile now. His room needed some Minecraft curtains, but I could’t find a curtain rod. My husband and I figured out how to DIY a Minecraft Creeper Bedroom curtain rod. 

How to make a DIY Minecraft Creeper Curtain Rod

Some Minecraft themed bedroom items are really really expensive, but as far as curtain rods go this one is a great idea for a Minecraft bedroom on a budget. You can also customize the decorative Minecraft creeper blocks with another Minecraft character. 

Materials for Making Minecraft Creeper Blocks

Supplies for a Minecraft Bedroom Curtain Rod 

1 inch round dowel
1 3/4 square dowel 
Satin Mod Podge
Mod Podge Brush Set and Smoothing Tool
Minecraft Creeper printed on card stock 
Paper Trimmer or Scissors
Apple Barrel Black Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
1 inch Black Curtain Rod Brackets
Minecraft Curtains

Let’s Make a DIY Minecraft Creeper Bedroom Curtain Rod 

Dowels to make the DIY Minecraft Creeper Bedroom Curtain Rod

For everyone the measurements will be different because everyone will have a different size window. Cut the 1 inch dowel about  2.5 inches on each side of the window so it hangs over. Then cut the square dowel 1.75 inches. I found both of the dowels at Home Depot. 

Painting the dowels black to DIY a Minecraft curtain rod for a themed kids bedroom

Paint the curtain rod and the square blocks with the black craft paint. 

Creating the Minecraft Decorative Blocks 

When the paint is drying choose your Minecraft creeper image and print it on white card stock. I just chose a Minecraft creeper image that I liked, made it 1.75 x 1.75 inches, and printed two on white card stock. I highly recommend a thicker paper to print it on. 

Cut out the creeper face with the paper trimmer or scissors to Mod Podge to the wooden dowel

Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut out the creeper faces on the lines. Now it’s time to Mod Podge the creeper faces onto the wood blocks.

Use the Mod Podge brush to apply the satin Mod Podge to the wooden block

Cover the block face with mod podge by brushing it on with the mod podge brush. Then apply the Minecraft Creeper face to the block.

Use the Mod Podge smoothing tool to press down and adhere the Minecraft creeper face to the block

Use the smoothing tool to adhere it to the block and to remove any bubbles. 

Add Mod Podge on top of the Minecraft Creeper to seal it

Follow the instructions on the mod podge bottle for applying the layers. I waited 20 minutes in between layers and applied two coats of mod podge. After it dried, I sprayed the blocks with the Mod Podge Clear spray to seal it. 

To hang the curtain rod, use the black curtain rod hangers and attach them to the wall where you want to place the curtain rod. Again this will be different for everyone too, but leave enough space on either side of the window for the creeper blocks. 

Use a screw to attach the Minecraft block to the curtain rod

Using a 2 1/2 inch screw, screw it into the side of the creeper block into the 1 inch dowel. Put on the curtains and then add the other creeper to the other side. 

Minecraft Bedroom Decorative Curtain Rod

Hang up the curtains on the brackets and you have a Minecraft themed curtain rod to go with your Minecraft curtains. I also did another DIY to make your own TNT Fabric Bins. I’ll be sharing more Minecraft themed bedroom ideas in the coming weeks. I have a few more DIY’s to make to complete the bedroom, but this Minecraft hamper was a great add to the bedroom. 

Minecraft Themed Bedroom Decoration in Real life

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