Dollar Tree Halloween Ribbon on the mesh galrland

Making a Deco Mesh Garland: A Step by Step Guide

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Are you ready to make your front door look fabulous for about $15 with all supplies from the Dollar Tree? Seriously you can make this easily- all you have to do is cut and twist with pipe cleaners. Making a deco mesh garland is easy, use this step by step guide to make yours today.

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Supplies for Deco Mesh Garland from the Dollar Tree

Materials for Front Door Garland

1 Package of Black Pipe Cleaners
2 Rolls of Black Deco Mesh
1 Roll of Purple Deco Mesh
1 Roll of Orange Deco Mesh
2 Rolls of Main Ribbon
2 Rolls of Each of the Matching Ribbons- Choose 4 different ribbons
Green Floral Ribbon

Deco mesh is a great thing to use for front door decorations because it’s lightweight (so it’s easy to hang) and waterproof. So no matter the weather, it will look great. Also remember when choosing ribbon, make sure it’s wired ribbon. All of my supplies are from the Dollar Tree.

I’ll be answering the questions- how do you put mesh on a garland and how to hang your garland.

Pipe Cleaners are the best way to add mesh to the garland

How Do You Put Mesh on a Garland?

The easiest way to add mesh to the garland is with pipe cleaners. At every pipe cleaner is where you will attach the deco mesh and the ribbon. It’s really easy once you get into a rhythm. At every pipe cleaner, remember to find the center of the mesh and the ribbon that you attach to the main garland. 

How Do you Secure a Garland?

For hangin the garland, I use the Outdoor Command Light Clips with clear foam strips. I have had these around my door year round for 7 years and we have only had to replace one. I use these clips for lights and for garlands year round. They work great!

Making a Deco Mesh Garland: Step by Step Guide

The first step is to choose how far you want the garland to hang down the side of the front door. I did mine to hang halfway down the door on each side and across the top of the door. Cut the floral wire to the length that you need. 

add the pipe cleaner to the wire to make the work garland to put the mesh garland on

I spread the wire across the kitchen and table and added the pipe cleaners about 10 inches apart. Twist the pipe cleaners on tightly.

Attach the mesh to the garland using the pipe cleaners

Start with the black deco mesh about a foot off the end of the wire. Attach the black deco mesh to the first pipe cleaner tightly. Fluff the mesh as you go and attach it to the next pipe cleaner and keep going until the end of the garland. My garland used the entire roll of black mesh from the Dollar Tree for the length that I did. I felt one roll wasn’t thick/puffy enough so I added another roll of black deco mesh for more fullness. Attach the second roll the same as the first.

Adding the main ribbon to the deco mesh front door garland

I chose to add a main ribbon that goes on the top of the black deco mesh, the whole length of the garland. For my garland, this is the bat ribbon. For this, I cut the end of the ribbon about 6 inches, attached it with the pipe cleaner, did one loop, attach, and cut it again about 6 inches.

Adding the main ribbon to the deco mesh garland from the dollar tree

So it goes- cut, loop, cut. Just keep going in that pattern until the end of the garland. I didn’t measure as I did this I just “eyeballed it” for ribbon length when I cut the ends.

Decorating the Deco Mesh Garland for the Front Door

Now it’s time to add on the the purple and orange deco mesh and the wired ribbon.

Cut the purple and orange deco mesh 12 inches long

Cut the deco mesh 12 inches and attach it together to each pipe cleaner. Just twist the pipe cleaner to add the mesh to the garland. Do this to the entire garland.

Use the pipe cleaner to add the deco mesh to the garland

For the ribbon, cut all the ribbon to 12 inches and dovetail/fishtail the ends.

Dovetail the end of your ribbon for the front door garland

At every pipe cleaner, add one ribbon at a time on top of the purple and orange mesh. I did a pattern of orange, white, orange, white ribbon on top of each other.

Putting the dollar tree halloween ribbon on the deco mesh garland using pipe cleaners

Make sure you attach each ribbon one at a time to the garland.

Dollar Tree Halloween Ribbon on the mesh galrland

The last step is to add a bow to the top of the garland and embellish it with decorations. To make my bows, I love using the Bowdabra Bow Maker

Mesh Garland on the front door for Halloween

I know this post seems epically long and complicated, but it’s really not.

Dollar Tree Mesh Garland for Halloween

Making a deco mesh garland for your front door is easy and will take a little time with all the ribbon cutting. Just think of all the holiday and seasonal garlands that you can make now to decorate your front door for less than $20. You can’t beat the price or the joy of saying “I made that!”

Hopefully the sun will come out soon so I can take some better pictures. It’s been pretty gloomy here all week.

Making a deco mesh garland step by step  guide

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