Gift tags made with the Cricut Joy App on the iPhone

Make Easy Cricut Joy Paper Projects with the App

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Are you ready to make the easiest Cricut Joy paper projects ever? It’s so simple and you can even write on your designs without attaching. The Cricut Joy App is all the basics of Design Space without all the bells and whistles. I love Design Space and creating in it, but sometimes I just want simple and quick. To do this I use the Cricut Joy App on my iPhone to make easy paper projects. 

Using the Cricut Joy and the app to make easy paper projects


The new Cricut Joy App is my new go to for easy projects and I have spent a lot of time using it. For Cricut Joy paper projects, you can make tags, rolled flowers, any single layer shape, cupcake toppers, and more. Since the app is different than Cricut Design Space™, there are a few new things you need to know. 

Here are my Cricut Joy App Tutorials

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Materials for Creating Cricut Joy Paper Crafts

Cricut Joy (Buy on Cricut/Buy on Amazon)

Joy Pens (Buy on AmazonBuy on Cricut

Cricut Joy Mat

Let’s Make Easy Cricut Joy Paper Projects with the App

Choose Paper Crafts – Start Designing – Design Your Own 

Open the app and scroll to paper crafts to start creating a paper project

Choose the design orientation and tap next 

Choose the design orientation for the Cricut Joy paper Projects


Create your Design 

Use this diagram for what the symbols mean 

What the Cricut Joy App Icons mean and how to use them

You must click the X or check to move on 

X means no and check mark means yes in Cricut Joy App

When your Cricut Joy paper project is complete, tap Done and Next to Cut 

Size the gift tag then tap done


Choose the Paper Material and Tap Make It 

Select the material to make your paper project from the Cricut Joy App Tutorial

Writing on Cricut Joy Paper Projects in the App

Writing on a project has never been easier. Tap the T and type the text. To edit the text, tap symbol (that the arrow is pointing to in the screenshot) to change the font, style and alignment. You don’t have to find writing fonts or anything and the app has lots of choices. 

To write on the paper projects add text and click the A to edit in the Cricut Joy App

That’s all you have to do to add text. No attaching at all. The Cricut Joy App does it for you. It made creating this birthday tag so easy! 

Adding text to Cricut Joy App Tutorials

Are you ready to get out some paper, your iPhone and Cricut Joy to start creating now?  I’m ready to make more fun tags and some cut outs for my scrapbook. 

Use the Cricut Joy App and the Cricut Joy to make easy paper projects

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