New Home Cricut Joy App Card

Make a Cricut Joy App Card in under 5 Minutes

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Do you ever get in a panic when you realize you don’t have a card? Don’t worry about that anymore with the Cricut Joy and insert cards. Cricut already made it super easy, but the Cricut Joy App has made it even easier. Everyone will be in awe of your special one of a kind greeting cards. You can make a Cricut Joy App card in under five minutes. 

Insert cards and card mat with the Cricut Joy

Honestly since using the Cricut Joy App, I’m going to be making all of my insert cards with it. I just find the app so helpful, easy to use and all the insert cards are there. Sometimes in Design Space, I can’f find the insert cards and just end up wasting time searching for them. 

Every week I’m doing a tutorial on using the Cricut Joy App because its awesome! Here is how to use it to make labels. Just like with the insert cards, it’s so easy. All the labels are there from cutting to drawing and they are always sized right for the Cricut Joy. I’ve just been labeling everything. Here is a how to use the writable vinyl for making quick and easy labels.

Materials for Cricut Joy Insert Cards 

Iphone with Cricut Joy App

Cricut Joy (Buy on Cricut/Buy on Amazon)

Card Mat (Buy on Amazon/ Buy on Cricut)

Insert Cards (Buy On Cricut/Buy on Amazon

Cricut Joy Pen (if needed for the card design) (Buy on Amazon/Buy on Cricut)

Before getting started, make sure you have downloaded the Cricut Joy App. Right now it’s only available for the iPhone, but will work on an iPad. I have not tried it on an iPad, but Cricut says “it’s not optimized for it, but will work.” Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Cricut Joy App to use it. It explains the new symbols, how to upload an svg and more. 

Let’s Make a Cricut Joy App Card in Under 5 Minutes

Open the Cricut Joy App and make sure you are signed into your Cricut Design Space™ account. If you have a Cricut Access Membership Plans then most of the designs are included.  A quick tip is to make sure your Cricut Joy Blade is sharp and that your card mat is clean and sticky. If these are not, the card won’t cut as clean and you will have many pieces left in the card to remove. 

Scroll to insert cards and click browse. 

Using the Cricut Joy app to make insert cards for Christmas

There are 1049 insert cards to choose from. Click the magnifying glass to search for what you are looking for. There are cards for a new baby or home, thank you, get well, anniversary, sorry, birthday and most holidays. 

Use the magnifying glass to search the insert cards to make on the Cricut Joy App

Choose the card that you want to create and tap start making. 

Choose a greeting card and click start making in the Cricut Joy App

You will see the card and then a preview of the card. If this is the card you want, tap next. 

Final Steps of creating the Cricut Joy App Card

The Cricut Joy App is super smart and will choose the material for you, so just tap Make It. 

Final Step in making the Christmas Card on the Cricut Joy App

Just follow the on screen prompts for loading the insert card mat, the pen or blade. Remove your card from the mat carefully and you have a greeting card ready to go. Insert cards are just the best and so is the Cricut Joy App. It’s my new go to for simple projects. 

Insert card made with the card mat, Cricut Joy and the Cricut Joy App

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