Magic Shamrock Wand craft for kids with ribbon

Magic Shamrock Wand

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The kids had a play date just a couple days ago over winter break and my kids wanted a cute activity to do with their friends. Since St.Patrick’s Day is coming up, I went green. They all loved making a magic shamrock wand to play with. It’s perfect for an easy craft at home or great for the classroom. Even better almost all the supplies are from the Dollar Tree.

Since it was for a variety of kids, I got a little bit of everything. I knew their one friend would love a boa on her wand so I got that just for her. She was so excited to see the boa, she told me “I don’t just like it, I love it!” Kids are just the cutest. If I was doing this in the classroom, I probably would choose something simple like the shamrock garland to decorate the wand because it goes along way and for $1 you could decorate all the wands in the class. The wooden dowels are from Walmart and were a great deal for $1.27 and you get 16 wooden dowels.

Supplies for lucky shamrock wand craft

Supplies for Wand Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Foam Shamrocks
Foam St.Patrick’s Day Pieces of Gold and Shamrocks
Green Boa
Shamrock Garland
2 Shamrock Headbands with Mesh decor and ribbon
Wooden Dowels

Ribbon off of St Patrick's Day Headbands for Wand Craft

To get started, I took apart the 2 shamrock headbands with the mesh. I just cut the ribbon holding the mesh onto the headbands. The kids still have a fun shamrock headband to wear and we have mesh decor for the wands. The tubing was really cute and I knew it would be perfect for the wands.

Let’s Create a Magical Shamrock Wand Craft

Foam Shamrocks for Magic Shamrock Wand from the dollar store

It was a small group of kids so everyone picked the color foam shamrock they wanted and what foam decoration they wanted on it.

RIbbon on Magic Shamrock Wand Craft for Kids

The next step was picking the ribbon, tubing, boa or shamrock garland to decorate the wand with.

Adding decorations to the wand craft for St Patricks Day

Next use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon/boa or garland to the dowel and then glue the foam shamrock over the ribbon. This way the decoration will always stay in place. The last step is glueing on the foam decoration to the front of the shamrock.

Shamrock Wand on a wooden dowel

If you have enough foam shamrocks, you can make the lucky wand double side by glueing another shamrock on the side of the wooden dowel.

Magic Shamrock Wand craft for kids with ribbon and wooden dowel

The shamrock wand craft was fun and easy. The kids enjoyed all the glitter and everything being green. It made them really excited for St. Patrick’s Day. A quick and easy fun craft that kids can use is always a good idea. Mine used their magic shamrock wands later that day to transform each other into animals.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Wand for Kids craft

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