How to Make a Sunflower Topiary

How to Make a Sunflower Ball Topiary

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I had so much fun wandering around the dollar tree looking at all the neat stuff, sometimes I’m just amazed at all the things you can buy for a $1. I have quite the variety for this project- have you ever crafted with a plunger before? For this months Dollar Store Craft Challenge, I created a Sunflower Ball Topiary. It was super easy to make and I’ll show you how to make a sunflower ball with these dollar tree supplies. Don’t miss all the other Dollar Store Crafts from my blogging friends.

It’s time for our monthly blog hop challenge. This month’s theme is a dollar store craft. The participants were challenged to create a project using mostly items from a dollar store.

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This sunflower ball topiary is perfect for sunflower themed weddings, showers, or kitchens. I love to decorate with sunflowers in August when they start to bloom. I have a simple sunflower wreath and this cute sunflower picture frame. Last year we went to the sunflower farm and I can’t wait to go back this year.

Dollar Tree Sunflower Ball Supplies

Dollar Tree Supplies for Sunflower Ball

Toilet Plunger
Foam Soccer Ball
5 Sunflower Bushes
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
Metal Bucket Vase with Rope
Green Foam Pot Insert
Floral Garden Reindeer Moss
Fabric/Tissue Paper or Newspaper

The Dollar Tree didn’t have any round foam pieces so I wandered around until I found something I could use. A foam soccer ball was perfect. Don’t worry about it showing because the sunflowers cover everything.

How to Make a Sunflower Ball Topiary

Sunflower Ball Topiary Base

To get the topiary ready, my husband cut about 2 inches off of the plunger stick (just take off the plunger piece). Then using the drill, he made a whole in the ball and inserted the wooden stick. It was super quick and easy!

Twine on Wooden Stick

Next I wrapped the wooden stick with twine. Hot glue the beginning of the twine and just keep wrapping, then hot glue the end of the twine. Insert the twine covered stick into the foam piece in the bottom of the bucket.

Fake sunflowers for sunflower ball

To get the sunflowers ready for the sunflower ball topiary, take all of the flowers off of the stems and cut the small piece off of the back. Make sure your sunflowers lay flat.

Hot Glue Sunflowers to Ball

Now it’s the fun part of covering the soccer ball with all of the fake sunflowers. I’m in love with these two toned sunflowers because they also remind me of Blanket Flowers, which I love too. I started at the bottom and hot glued the sunflowers to the blue spots first, to make sure they were covered. I started at the bottom and around, then finished with the top. All you have to do is keep glueing.

Fake Sunflowers on Ball

I added some hot glue to the bottom of the stick and stuck it into the foam.

From my craft stash, I added some creme fabric to fill in the bucket and topped it with some moss. The moss is leftover from my Easter Egg Wreath, but the dollar tree has moss too.

Bucket for Sunflower Ball

Sunflower Ball Topiary

Can you believe this started as a plunger and a soccer ball?

Sunflower Ball Topiary

It will save you a lot of money if you are making these for a wedding or shower because round foam pieces are expensive. My sunflower ball topiary cost $10 to make.

How to Make a Sunflower Ball

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