Easy Cricut Happy Valentines Day Sign

Happy Valentine’s Day Sign with Cricut

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Valentines’s Day is usually always shades of red and pink. This Happy Valentine’s Day sign is a twist on the traditional. When I was talking my slow walk around the Target dollar spot (my favorite part of the store) I saw this black chalkboard with the gold hearts. Of course this would make a perfect sign and I had a friend in mine to make this for.

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Black and Gold Sign for Easy Cricut Valentines Day Sign

Let’s Create an Easy Cricut Happy Valentine’s Day Sign

In Cricut Design Space™ I uploaded the Happy Valentine’s Day SVG.   Since this is for a friend I went for a classic Happy Valentine’s Day SVG.

Then size the SVG to fit your sign. I made this SVG 9.601 by 7.1. I wanted it to fill the sign.

Happy Valentines Day SVG for Happy Valentines Day Sign

For this I used Gold Oracle 651 Vinyl. Cut your image (make sure your setting is on vinyl) and then weed the extra vinyl. This SVG was very easy to weed, which I love.

Weeding Vinyl Cut with Cricut for Happy Valentine's Day Sign

Then transfer your vinyl to the sign. Remember to pull the transfer tape slowly as you peel the transfer paper off with the vinyl on it.

Using Transfer Paper to add  SVG to easy Cricut Happy Valentines Day Sign


Place the transfer paper on the sign where you would like it, lay it down gentle at first to make sure that is where you want it. Then once it’s in the correct place, press the transfer paper down and use the Cricut Scraper to rub across the transfer paper to make the vinyl stick to the sign. Peel the transfer paper slowly as you remove it from the sign.

Easy DIY Cricut Made Happy Valentines Day Sign

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DIY Gold Happy Valentine’s Day Sign

This sign is perfect for anyone who loves gold. It’s sophisticated, pretty, and not your typical Valentine’s Day sign. I can’t wait to give it to my friend. I love giving homemade gifts and making someone smile. It looks great hanging on a door or could be used on a plate hanger.

Easy Cricut Happy Valentines Day Sign

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