Easy and Fun Turkey Cupcakes for Kids

Fun Turkey Cupcakes for Kids

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turkey cWho wants to do something fun for Thanksgiving with their kids? I do! Last year we started this new tradition and the kids can’t wait to do it again this year. Of course last year, they had a fun play date with friends, but we all know 2020 is different. The best thing about these fun turkey cupcakes for kids is that it’s super fun and easy for parents too. 

With just a couple supplies, let the kids go wild and decorate their cupcakes. The kids had so much fun doing different designs and adding the candy in different ways. Every turkey had it’s own unique personality and design. 

My kids loved making these cute and easy snowman cupcakes too at Christmas time. For Thankstii

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes for Kids

Supplies for Fun Cupcake Decorating with Kids 


Chocolate frosting

Wilton Angled Spatula

Candy Corn  

M & M’s 

Wilton Candy Eyeballs

Let’s Create Fun Turkey Cupcakes for Kids 

If you like to bake, go ahead and bake some cupcakes or buy some frosted cupcakes to decorate. I always say- do what’s right for you. Either way the kids will love them. 

For this activity I had the cupcakes baked, cooled and ready to decorate for the kids. The kids tried to frost as best as they could, then I smoothed it out and helped them. 

Candy tray for the turkey cupcakes

In the center of the table, I put all the supplies to decorate the cookies. Choose your kids favorite candies and place them in the container or on small plates. The candy eyeballs work out great on the turkeys. 

Turkey Cupcakes with Kids

Just put out the candy and the let the kids be creative and decorate! 

Candy Corn Turkey Cupcakes with Kids

The kids had so much fun making each one unique and different. They also loved sampling the candy as they ate. 

The turkey cupcakes are so cute and make a great alternative to pie. My kids are not fans of pie, but love cupcakes! 

Easy Turkey Cupcake Desserts with Kids

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