Easy Christmas Photo Props with your Cricut

Fun & Festive Christmas Photo Props

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Christmas photo props are a fun and festive way to add to your holiday. They are perfect for my son’s kindergarten class to use for photos for their picture frame. I felt it would make a great gift for the parents and be fun for the kids. The photos with the photos booths will be priceless. The Happy Holidays Link Party is happening now until December 16th. Visit for holiday inspiration and see all the wonderful ideas.

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Kids having fun with Christmas Photo Booth Props

My kids have had a lot of fun using them too. My daughter loved adding the red nose to every hat. It was so funny!

Easy Christmas Photo Booth props to be either Frosty or Rudolph

My son can’t wait to use them during our Christmas Eve party with family. I just love how photo props motivates everyone to smile and be a part of pictures. My kids aren’t the best of models so all the pictures were done impromptu so it’s a mix of St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

Kids having fun being Rudolph

Let’s Create Fun Christmas Photo Props with the Cricut

Uploading and sizing the Christmas Photo props SVG in Cricut Design Space

I found these photo props on Lovesvg. I uploaded them to Cricut Design Space and started creating. For these svgs I ungrouped the images and deleted the paper rectangles to hold the props with because paper is not going to work well for that. I played with the sizes and did a practice cut because I wasn’t sure of the size. I made each hat and Merry Christmas bubble about 9/10 inches wide and high. For the Merry Christmas bubble, I used the Cheri font instead because I wanted a thicker font to glue (it just makes it so much easier).

Glueing the photo prop pieces for the Christmas Photo Booth

To glue the hat pieces I used Glue Dots and they worked great!

Fun Merry Christmas speech bubble and naughty and nice arrows

For Merry Christmas I used the Zig Two Way Glue Pen and hot glue for the craft sticks. The craft sticks work out great to hold the props for the pictures. The arrows are slightly smaller and I used vinyl for the words naughty and nice.

Hot glue on sticks to hold in the photo booth with the easy Christmas Photo Props

The Cricut did most of the work, but these Christmas photo props are so fun and festive. Have you ever used photo props before?

Fun collection of Christmas photo booth props made with Cricut

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