Fun Candy Bar for Kids

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I finally made a candy bar for my son’s preschool graduation party and it was a huge hit! Everyone loved it because everyone loves candy! I always have a hard time with parties and food for my son because he’s so picky. I hate to do all that work & he won’t eat any of it. Honestly the candy was still a challenge to!

The candy bar is great as an appetizer, dessert, treat bags or go crazy and leave it out the whole party. I think this is great for special occasions too. Like the first/last day of school, and holidays like Fathers Day or the 4th of July. Just create a candy bar that goes with your theme.

This fun candy bar is themed for the Pete the Cat Preschool Graduation Party. An easy way to create a backdrop for a candy bar is to use a foam board from the dollar tree and add decorations. I love how Pete’s saying is perfect for the candy bar and the party “because it’s all good.” The banner and saying were created with my Cricut Maker, but you can use a printable banner, buy a banner or create your own. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a banner using the Cricut.

This tray from the dollar tree is perfect because the cups fit inside the center and you can have a variety of candy. I did one kind in each section, but you could definitely put a variety of candy in each section. I bought a white tray because I want to be able to use it for a variety of things, but it comes in other colors. Plus this is an easy and quick set up, I think anyone hosting a party can appreciate that.

To make the cups special I added 2018 in vinyl with cute graduation hats on my Cricut Maker. No Cricut, no problem! Decorate the cups with stickers or draw/write on them for your party. The cups are the perfect size for a candy bar.

Fill your tray with candy and let the fun begin! I can’t wait to make another candy bar because the kids loved it. The first day of school would be a great day for a candy bar to celebrate starting Kindergarten.

Have you ever made a candy bar?

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