Have fun learning with this fall Apple Sensory Bin. Toddlers and preschoolers will love baking, picking, scooping and more as they explore with their hands. #Sensorybin #sensoryplay #toddlers #preschool #play #fall #fallfun #apples #learning #handson

Fun Apple Sensory Bin

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The flower sensory bin kept my kids busy for hours all summer long and I wanted to keep this going into the fall, which is why I created this Fun Apple Sensory Bin for toddlers & preschool.

All summer long my kids loved playing with the flower sensory bin. They loved pouring, digging, scooping black beans and planting beautiful flowers. The kids will still be able to pour, scoop, and dig, but the apples, the baskets, and the baking dishes will give them more ideas to use their imagination.

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My daughter recieved the Little Tikes Garden Table for her birthday from her grandparents and it makes the perfect sensory bin. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s always right there. The kids just have to ask to open it. Honestly I wasn’t a fan of the Little Tikes Garden Center at first because I thought it was to small for the kids. I was completely wrong, it’s perfect and the kids love it.

The Fun Apple Sensory Bin is really easy to put together. If you are looking at a craft store for the mini apples (this took me awhile), they are in the floral section with the fruit, not in the fall section.


Sensory Bin Materials:
mini apples
cinnamon sticks
measuring cups
pastry brush
pie tin
muffin pan
Little Tikes Garden Center


Just pour in the oatmeal, add the cinnamon sticks and apples and your sensory bin is ready to go!


The first thing my son did was make apple pie and muffins. He loves it. He said “I’m making apple pies and muffins for the fall festival.” Then “I need some ingredients.” My daughter loves the baskets and carrying the apples around and handing them out. I found the cute bushel baskets with handles at Joanns. I am going to enjoy watching them play and learn together with this Fun Apple Sensory Bin.


Sensory bins are amazing learning tools, for vocabulary, creativity, textures, size, comparing, counting, and measuring, to name just a few concepts learned through playing with sensory bins. Have fun apple picking, baking, and playing with this sensory bin, I know we will!


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