My kids love playing in popcorn kernels. They love scooping, measuring and much more with the farm animals. This is a simple way to keep the kids busy. #farm #SensoryBin #Preschool #Toddlers #Fun #ActivitiesforKids #Kids #Animals #Learning

Fall Sensory Bin

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This year is flying by to me and I can’t believe it’s already November. Fall is in the air, leaves are falling all around and we are enjoying our fall favorites. My munchkins are loving all the sensory bins I have created this year for them. Now it’s time for our Fall Sensory Bin.

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I always put the sensory bin in the Little Tikes Garden Table. This would be a great Christmas present for a little one because it is more then just a garden center, you can turn it into anything. This has become one of our most loved toys because the munchkins love playing in the sensory bins.


For the Fall Sensory Bin I put in all their favorites of the fall- pumpkins, leaves, farm animals, and used popcorn as the base. I am adding farm animals because one of our favorite fall activities is visiting the farm, plus the munchkins can pretend to feed the animals. Since I’m adding farm animals, I’m going to add a tractor and a farmer.

I’m also going to add a funnel and small water bottles so they can create corn shakers as they play. Creating the corn shakers will help with opening/closing bottles, eye/hand coordination, and fine motor skills. I looked everywhere for my funnel and can’t find it, so I will be stopping at the dollar store to get a new one.


Farm Animals
Small Water Bottle

For the supplies, I try to use what we have at home. I’m going to use our Fisher Price Farm Animals and the tractor, it won’t fit in the bin, but the kids can play putting in the animals and taking them for ride. For the leaves, pumpkins, gourds, I have an old garland from a wreath that I have kept and I am going to use those and my mom had old decorative pumpkins, leaves and gourds that she gave me for the kids. I also would like to add some natural elements to, like real leaves, acorns, and pinecones from nature, but our weather hasn’t been nice enough to go outside and gather them.

If I don’t have something for the bin, my first place to shop our the dollar store or Amazon. I found the red tractor with the attached wagon at Dollar General and I found the yellow construction vehicle in the Target dollar spot. The kids added people (Fisher Price Little People) to the bin as they played because they said the people came to feed and pet the animals at the farm.

Each of the sensory bins have created hours of play, imagination, fascinating conversations and have helped develop so many skills along the way. Sometimes I think I’m more excited when I change the sensory bin because I love the joy on my munchkins faces as they start exploring.

Happy Sensory Bin Play!

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