Cricut Joy cutting vinyl for calendar stickers

Easiest Cricut Joy Stickers Ever to Make

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My scrap vinyl collection is really overflowing these days and I need to start using it up. One thing I decided to use it for was calendar stickers for my daughter. Since returning to school after quarantine, her separation anxiety has been a lot worse. But one way I’m able to help her is by creating stickers for her calendar about school and home. It helps her visually see days off, fun days and of course pizza for lunch days. Here is the easiest Cricut Joy Stickers tutorial ever. 

Using the Cricut Joy machine, the app and vinyl to make stickers

I’ve been using the Cricut Joy App a lot lately because it’s just so easy to use, convenient and faster than Design Space. To share all about the app, I’ve created Cricut tutorials on how to use each of the parts of the app to make and design projects. 

Cricut Joy Tutorials About the App

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Cricut Joy and vinyl scraps to make easy Cricut Joy stickers

Supplies for Cricut Joy Stickers

Scrap Vinyl or Smart Vinyl
Standard Grip Mat
Cricut Joy (Buy on Cricut/Buy on Amazon)
iPhone with Cricut Joy App 

Let’s Create the Easiest Cricut Joy Stickers Ever

Grab your phone, some vinyl scraps and your Cricut Joy. 

Tap vinyl stickers and decals in the Cricut Joy app to make stickers

To get Started download and open the Cricut Joy app from the app store. Choose vinyl stickers & decals and tap “design your own.” I’m making a shamrock for St. Patrick’s day, a yellow triangle for pizza day, a funny hat for hat day, a star for no school, and a bunny for Easter. Adding the monthly stickers to her calendar has become a great mommy/daughter activity that we love doing together. 

Choose the design orientation of your Cricut vinyl sticker

Keep tapping until you get to the design orientation. For all of my stickers I chose to use the square orientation, then tap next. 

Search the images for what you want your vinyl sticker to be, tap it and click the checkmark. 

Tap the image you want for your sticker and tap the checkmate

Size your image, choose the material and tap make it. You can preview your project by clicking on the eye at the bottom of the app. 

Shamrock vinyl sticker to be cut with the Cricut Joy machine

The iPhone and the Cricut Joy will connect through blue tooth and just tap your machine. 

Tap Make it and follow the instructions to cut the vinyl stickers

Follow the prompts and cut the stickers in the vinyl. The app is really easy to use and will tell you exactly when to prep and load, go and unload. 

Remember I said the easiest way to make Cricut Joy stickers, well I think I kept that promise. I made 5 stickers for this month and it took me less than 5 minutes to make them. The best thing is, if something pops up or pizza is added to the lunch menu, in seconds I can make a new calendar sticker for my daughter. 

Cricut Joy stickers with the Cricut Joy machine and vinyl

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