Patriotic Fabric Garland

DIY Patriotic Fabric Garland

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The 4th of July is such a fun time and the kids and I love decorating with red, white, blue. One of my favorite spots to decorate is my front window. It’s perfect for hanging banners or garlands and it’s so easy to decorate. Well it’s easy once I get my husbands help because since I’m short it’s just easier to have a taller person hang it. I love the way fabric garlands look with different fabrics and some burlap thrown in. I haven’t used burlap in any of my projects lately and I’m missing it. Seriously burlap is just one of my favorite items to decorate with. For this DIY Patriotic Fabric Garland no sewing skills are needed, just cute fabric.

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DIY Patriotic Fabric Garland

Supplies for Red, White, Blue Garland

Assorted Patriotic/Americana Fabric
Burlap Fabric
Ruler/Crafting Mat

Let’s Learn How to Make a Patriotic Garland for your Home

Gather up your basic supplies and let’s make something beautiful! I love decorating with red, white, blue colors for the summer. I used to have no decorations, but my kids asked “where are the American decorations?” Oh no! So I got on it, this is my favorite patriotic song on a sign and these easy decorations from the Target Dollar Spot. We are ready for the 4th of July in our house now.

For the burlap I like to buy it by the yard. It’s perfect for wreaths or garlands. It helps make my burlap habit cheaper-haha! If your not a fan of burlap, just leave it out.

Step by Step Instructions for a Patriotic Fabric Garland

Cut the twine to the length of where you want to hang it. For all of us this will be different.
My favorite place to put banners and garlands is my front window. It’s an easy DIY and always adds charm to our home.

Fabric for Patriotic Garland

Then cut all your fabric about 2 inches wide and 10 inches long. Remember if you want your fabric longer on the garland, just cut it into longer strips. I bought 3/4 of a yard of each fabric, but it was way to much. A 1/2 yard would have been plenty, so now I can make more 4th of July decor.

4th of July Patriotic Garland

I tape the one end of the twine to the table, so it stays in place as I tie on the fabric. I leave a piece of twine at the beginning and the end to hang the garland.

Choose the pattern you want for your garland.

Patriotic Garland

When you tie the fabric onto the twine, fold the fabric in half and then tie it onto the twine. This is the secret to only having your fabric show and not the plain inside of the fabric.

Patriotic Garland

Just keep tying and tying some more until you get to the end. I can’t really say how many of each I used because I didn’t count them.

DIY Fabric Garland

This would be great for an outdoor decoration too for a picnic or a backyard BBQ on the 4th of July or Memorial Day for table decor.

The front window is hard to get pictures in because it doesn’t get a lot of sun. The cat is helping show off my new garland.

Patriotic Fabric Garland

Here is an up close picture of all the pretty fabric together.

Patriotic Fabric Garland

Just one more of this pretty garland!

DIY Fatriotic Fabric Garland

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