DIY Father's Day Candy Jar Gift

DIY Fathers Day Candy Jar Gift

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Let’s talk Fathers Day today! I’ve got the easiest and quickest DIY Fathers Day Candy Jar Gift for you. The kids can make it and it’s a DIY that Dad or Grandpa will love. What dad or Grandpa doesn’t love a treat?

It’s time for the May Pin Challenge! The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate us to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month’s challenge is about Father’s Day or projects geared towards the men in our lives. The pin I chose was Father’s Day Candy Jar. I was inspired by all the different types of jars for dad to make my own.


Candy Gift for Easy DIY Last Minute Fathers Day Gift

I was inspired by these pins to make this DIY edible gift for Fathers Day. The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge by My Pinterventures is to motivate all the participants (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month’s challenge is all about Father’s Day projects.

Mason Jar and Candy for Fathers Day Candy Jar Gift

Supplies for DIY Fathers Day Gift

Variety of Daddy’s/Grandpa’s Favorite Candy
Mason Jar or Any Glass Jar
Fathers Day Tag

Let’s Create a DIY Fathers Day Candy Jar Gift

Buy a couple different kinds of candy that your dad likes. You can always do double layers of candy depending on the size of the jar.

Glass Jar from the Dollar Tree to create edible Fathers Day Gift

I made a candy treat jar for my dad last year and it was from the Dollar Tree. I took all of the candy jar gift pictures, but didn’t take a final picture of last years jar, but it was such a hit that Papa will love getting one this year too.

Candy for Fathers Day Treat Jar with Candy

It only held about 4 small bags of candy that I also bought from the Dollar Tree. Last year I used Twizzlers, peanut M & M’s, Kit Kat, and Milky Way. This $5 gift was a hit last year on Father’s Day, so we are making another one.

DIY Father's Day Candy Jar Gift

The other great thing about this gift is that you can pick up what you need on a grocery run. Honestly, I was shocked by how empty the candy aisle was when I went to the grocery store. People must be stocking up, but I was able to find what I need.

The fun thing about this DIY candy gift, is that there is no wrong way to make it. Let the kids pour in the candy and layer it, until the jar is full. The amount of candy you need will be based on the size of the jar.

Layering the candy in the jar for Fathers Day DIY Gift

The kids had a lot of fun making this treat jar because they know how much Papa loves candy.
Kids taste tested everything and said “it’s good.”

DIY Fathers Day Treat Jar

This time, we used Kit Kats to divide the layers of different candy in the treat jar.

Using the Kit Kat Bars to Divide the mason jar

You can decorate the jar with vinyl or you can add on a cute tag. The choice is yours to finish your edible gift and make it just right for Father’s Day. Also don’t forget to cover the metal lid with paper too. This red, white and blue paper was perfect for Father’s Day!

Decorating the DIY Father's Day Candy Gift

Do you know someone who would love a Father’s Day Candy Jar as a gift?

DIY Father's Day Candy Jar Gift

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