DIY Fall 2x4 Wood Book Stack Craft Idea

DIY Fall Wood Decor- Book Stack Craft

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Let’s talk fall decor. It’s my favorite time of the year to decorate and I had to make a fall book stack for the season. The cool thing is that I made this DIY Fall Wood Decor double sided so I can use it for the beginning of fall and for Thanksgiving. 2×4 book stacks are an easy craft idea to make for decorating your home. These are my happiness is homemade 2×4 book stack that I keep year round in the kitchen, I just love them.

DIY Dall Wood 2x4 Decor Craft

Materials for Easy Fall Scrap Wood Craft Idea

2- 2×4 cut to 7 inches
White Adirondack Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint
Nylon Chip Brush Set
Folkart Antique Wax
Folkart Clear Wax
Lint Free Cloth
Black Permanent Smart Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Cricut Joy (Buy on Cricut/Buy on Amazon)
Cricut Tools (Buy on Cricut or Buy on Amazon)
Fall Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Let’s Create a DIY Fall Wood Decor- Book Stack Craft

As with all of my crafts, I always try to go for simple and easy. I don’t have as much time as I would like to craft (well what can I say I would craft all day if I could).

Supplies to paint the fall wood book stack

Start with your scrap 2×4 cut them to 7 inches. Then give them a good sanding. They can be any size you want. I just used a scrap piece that was already 7 inches and cut the other to match.

Painting the 2x4 with white chalk paint

Paint all of the 2x4s in the White Adirondack Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint and let them dry. Use the lint free cloth to cover the chalk paint with the Folkart Clear Wax .

creating a rustic looking fall wood book stack with antique wax

If you choose to use chalk paint and clear wax, you have to wait 24 hours before applying the antique wax.

Adding the antique wax to give the books a rustic finish

Then I took the antique wax and put some on the books and then I wiped it off with the lint free cloth to give it an aged look. The longer you leave the wax on the darker it will get. The 2×4’s were a little darker than I wanted, so I took 220 sand paper and sanded them a little bit.

In Cricut Design Space™, make your design. On the fall side, I put falling for fall. For the Thanksgiving side, I put Thanksgiving Blessings. Create the designs to fit on the 2×4’s.

Fall and Thanksgiving sayings cut in Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl for the 2x4 wooden books

Cut the sayings with the Cricut Joy and the Black Permanent Smart Vinyl. Weed the design and use transfer tape to add it to the wooden books.

2x4 Fall Wood Book Stack that says Thanksgiving Blessings with Cricut Joy

Decorating the Fall Book Stack

DIY Fall 2x4 Wood Book Stack Craft Idea

I added on the ribbon and bow to finish the books with the hot glue gun. I used wire ribbon so you can easily bend down the bow on the other side or just leave it. It’s super cute either way.

DIY Fall Wood Decor Book Stack Craft

The fall wood decor is perfect and goes with so many design styles. Plus you can make it double sided for all of fall. Who’s ready to go make some 2×4 fall book stacks?

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