How to make a Christmas book stack

DIY Christmas Book Stack in 15 Minutes

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These adorable Christmas book stacks make the perfect decoration to any home. They also make a great gift too. Don’t buy them because they are so easy to make. Just follow a few simple steps and you will have a DIY Christmas book stack in 15 minutes or less. I prefer to use scrap 2×4’s for my book stacks, but other wood will work too. 

Once I made my first book stack, I can’t stop. I almost have them for all the holidays and seasons because they make the best decorations for your home. Decorating with book stack decor is so easy. They are also great ideas for gifts too, especially if you need a lot of them. I’m making a variety of Christmas themed book stacks for the teachers at school. 

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Supplies for Christmas Book Stack Decor 

2-2×4’s cut to 6 inches
Apple Barrel Paints 
Paint Brush Set 
120 Grit Sandpaper
Cricut Machine
Buffalo Plaid Red Adhesive Vinyl (very similar to the one I used)
Transfer Tape 
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks

How To Make a DIY Christmas Book Stack

First step is to cut the 2×4’s to 6 inches and then sand all the way around to have smooth edges, sides, and tops. 

The next step Is to choose the color of your blocks and paint them. It takes about two coats of Plaid Craft paints. The cutest thing about these blocks is that you can make them any color you want. I did several of them and some are green and red, all red or all white. 

paint the wooden books with craft paint

As the paint is drying I like to create the design in Cricut Design Space™. This set of wooden Christmas book stacks is for our dog groomer so I’m adding Santa Paws to these blocks in red and black buffalo plaid adhesive vinyl. Size your design to fit on a 1.5 inch width by 6 inches long. 

Creating the design in Cricut Design Space

Cut the design with your Cricut machine (perfect project for the Cricut Joy), then weed the design. 

Cricut Joy cutting the buffalo plaid vinyl for the Christmas book stack

Using transfer tape, add it to the wooden book stack. 

Adding the buffalo plaid vinyl to the wooden book stack

Since these are gifts, I decided to use hot glue and glue the books together. Once the blocks are glued, wrap ribbon around the books and hot glue it at the bottom. 

DIY Christmas book stack made with scrap wood

The Christmas book stack is fun and easy to make and makes the cutest gift or decoration for your home. I love wooden book stacks because of how great they look as decorations. It’s the perfect way to say Merry Christmas. 


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