Turkey napkin rings from toilet paper roll

Cricut Turkey Napkin Rings

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Let’s talk turkey! This will be our first Thanksgiving at home and I’m working on a cute table for the family. My kids love cute turkeys so of course I had to add some to the Thanksgiving table. These cute Cricut Turkey Napkin Rings are easy to make, use up lots of scrap paper and toilet paper rolls. 

All I can think when I look at this, is “Can you believe it all started with a toilet paper roll?” Seriously these came out even cuter, then I anticipated. Not only can this be a turkey napkin ring, but it could also be used a placed card holder on your Thanksgiving table. This is also an easy Cricut craft that the kids can help make too. 

Turkey napkin rings from toilet paper roll

Materials for Cricut Thanksgiving Craft

Variety of colored card stock
Fall Themed Paper
Toilet Paper Rolls
Cricut Joy (Buy on Cricut/Buy on Amazon)
Mod Podge Matte Finish
Mod Podge Brush Set
Cupcake Liner
Fiskars Deluxe Paper Trimmer 

Materials for Cricut Napkin Ring

Let’s Create Cute Cricut Turkey Napkin Rings

**TP Cut

Save up some toilet paper rolls and cut them in half. The toilet paper rolls will be about 2 inches tall. 

Turkey image in Cricut Design Space for turkey napkin rings

In Cricut Design Space™ I found this turkey image to use. It is free with my Cricut Access Premium.

I was just looking for a basic turkey feather and body fir the turkey ring. On this image, I deleted all the extras that I didn’t need until I just had the turkey face and the feather. Next I duplicated the feather.

Cricut Turkey Napkin Rings Thanksgiving Craft

Using my Cricut Joy, I cut the design. The Cricut Joy is the best cutting machine for these little jobs. It makes it so easy to create Thanksgiving projects like this.

Cutting the card stock for the turkey with the Cricut Joy

Making the turkey feathers is the perfect way to use scrap card stock. Just find colors in the same color tone for the feathers.

Making the Turkey Craft for your Thanksgiving Table 

Using the cutting board to cut the strips of paper for the toilet paper roll

With my cutting board, I cut 2 inch strips of fall themed paper to adhere to the toilet paper roll ring. I found this fall themed paper stack in the Target Dollar Spot and the 6×6 paper is the perfect length for this.

Using the Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the toilet paper roll

I like to squeeze a little Mod Podge into a cupcake liner because you can just throw it out when you are done. The easiest way is to put the mod podge on the paper not the toilet paper roll.

Paper Turkeys for the Cricut Turkey Napkin Ring

Next I used mod podge to start putting the turkey together.  First glue the brown piece to the black. Place the Mod Podge on the brown part of the turkey so you don’t have Mod Podge in the turkeys eyes. For the turkeys beak, I used the Smart Vinyl in Orange- just cut, peel and stick to the turkey. The last part is to add on the turkey feathers. Put a dab of Mod Podge on the end of each feather and attach them to the turkey. 

Glue the turkey to the toilet paper ring with the Mod Podge

Once the turkey was together with all of its feathers, use the mod podge to add it to the toilet paper roll at the seem of where the paper meets. Hold it in place for about a minute so that it adheres. 

Adding the turkey to the napkin ring

I highly suggest using the mod podge because it give the toilet paper roll and all the paper a stiffness and some durability.

My kids went crazy when they came home and saw the turkeys. They loved them! I can’t wait to see them on the Thanksgiving table.

Cricut turkey napkin ring

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