Vinyl bunny on plastic eggs for kids using the Cricut Maker

Cricut Easter Eggs for Kids (with Vinyl Decals )

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My scrap vinyl pile is starting to get out of control. Easter is coming and I’ve had this idea for awhile now to decorate plastic eggs for the kids, but I always run out of time. Decorating the plastic eggs is a fun and affordable way to make Easter Eggstraspecail! This is how I made some Cricut Easter eggs for the kids.

Plastic Easter eggs for Kids using the Cricut Maker

Supplies for Decorating Plastic Eggs with Vinyl

Basic Tool Set (Cricut)
Cricut Maker or other Cricut Machine
Plastic Eggs

Grab some plastic eggs from the Dollar Tree or I just went to the giant bag in our Easter stash. Every year, we just accumulate more and more eggs. My kids love playing with the Easter eggs.

Let’s Create some Fun Cricut Easter Eggs for the Kids with Vinyl

Choose some designs in Cricut Design Space™. There are some super cute bunnies , like this one from DJ Inkers. Did you know you can search images by categories? I have that and more Cricut Design Space Tips for You
for you.

Since you are making personalized Cricut Easter Eggs, make fun eggs of stuff your kids love, who cares if they are not Easter themed. I will be adding in some sea creatures and unicorns for my kids.

Dj Inkers Bunny in Cricut Design Space to put on Plastic Easter eggs for Kids

I’m very visual so I used an egg shape the size of the plastic eggs and sized the images to fit above the line of the egg. The DJ Inkers bunny is perfect for that.

Designing Plastic Eggs in Cricut Design Space to Make vinyl Decals

For the plastic eggs, you can decide to be as detailed with the designs as you want. You might have to use contour to hide some features on the images or slicing so you don’t have to layer as much. The choice is yours.

Making Vinyl images for the plastic eggs for an egg hunt

Cut your design in vinyl, weed the design and use transfer paper to add it to the plastic egg. Repeat this for all your designs and you will have adorable Cricut Easter eggs for your kids.

Vinyl bunny on plastic eggs for kids using the Cricut Maker

Tips for Creating these Vinyl Decals for the Eggs

Use a new Cricut Mat When you are working with scrap vinyl

I highly recommend using a new Cricut mat when using scrap vinyl because the pieces are smaller and you need it to stay in place.

Using Transfer Paper to add vinyl  onto the Cricut Easter eggs

Also it’s adding vinyl to a curved surface which can be tough. I like to cut slits in the transfer paper and that worked the best. Some designs are easier then others for adding them onto the eggs. Another tip- use the larger Easter eggs (wow that would have been so much easier). Don’t forget you are making these for the kids who will love them no matter what! They are coming from you and they will love the cool designs.

Gears plastic egg with vinyl because my son loves robots

For egg hunts, you could design custom eggs for each of the kids. You could do different colored bunnies and tell them each their bunny color or personalize them with stuff they love.

Plastic Eggs Decorated with Vinyl using the Cricut Maker

These eggs were so tough to get pictures of! Even in the shredded paper, they just kept rolling around. Guess that’s why they are great for egg rolls!

Cricut Easter eggs for kids with vinyl decals

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