Our Christmas Tree

Welcome to the 12th day of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. I hope you have enjoyed this 12 day adventure. Today I am sharing our Christmas Tree. This summer we adopted our cat, Autumn, and this is her first christmas with us and I’m nervous about her and the tree. She is very playful so I am making sure the bottom of the tree is unbreakable and cat and kid friendly.


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This year I have named our tree, The To Perfect Christmas Tree because it’s perfectly shaped. My husband made the final choice as I was chasing our children around the nursery, who thought it was hilarious to run between the trees. It was a memorable picking a tree day. It was so funny in the car because my husband said “let’s get a coffee and drink it as we pick out a tree.” I loved this idea and I love Tim Hortons, but I thought is this going to work? I left my coffee in the car and we ended up having a good laugh that we thought we were going to stroll and sip coffee while tree shopping with our children.

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Now back to the “To Perfect Christmas Tree”, I named it this because I like full trees with funny shapes, but this tree surprised me and is fuller then I thought (also perfectly shaped) and it looks beautiful.


Our Christmas Tree tells are family story. Every ornament has a memory and each one is special and unique. My mom started this special tradition with my siblings and I by giving us an ornament every year of something special and unique that happened. She also carries on the same tradition for her grandchildren. As I decorate the tree each year special memories take me back to different points in my life. To me decorating the tree is a memoir of my life, of the places I have been and the places I am going. I have a couple ornaments from my Grandma that are very special to me.

Here are some of my favorites:
Jenny Ornament that my mom made for me when I was little. I have loved hanging this on the tree every year as long as I can remember.


Our Wedding Ornament


Our First House Ornament


My Son’s First Christmas Ornament


My Daughter’s First Christmas Ornament


A Keepsake from my Grandma


Special Gift from my Son:


It was another adventure decorating the tree with two children 4 and under and a very curious cat. Eventually everyone got bored with decorating and left me in peace to finish the tree. We ended up moving the tree away from the front window because when the cat jumped out of the window, she knocked off lots of ornaments and that just wasn’t going to work.

Then I add these cute burlap bows to the tree to finish it.


I hope you have enjoyed my tree and the adventures of getting and decorating the tree. These are special memories that I will cherish forever. The joy, excitement and magic on my children’s faces as we decorated the tree was priceless. From my family to yours we wish you a magical Christmas.



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  • BonBon

    Jenny….you are right that is a perfectly shaped tree and so beautiful. What fun to have such good memories about the ornaments, makes decorating the tree even more fun. Your cat Autumn is beautiful. Great job!

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Thank you! Autumn is very special to us and she’s such a good cat. My husband is very proud of himself for picking it out.

  • I love that your tree has sentimental ornaments. I love adding one new ornament a year and this year I added some made by my daughters. I love your tree! And your cat looks so comfy under it 🙂

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Thanks! I love homemade ornaments. The cat has barely left the tree, it’s her new spot to sleep underneath it.

  • It is a beautiful tree and I cherish our special ornaments as well.

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Thank you! Special ornaments are such an important part of Christmas

  • LOL – when you said about taking coffee I chuckled. Those moments only happen in Hallmark movies! Your tree is beautifully shaped – I hope your newest family member leaves it alone! Love all the special ornaments.

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Lol! I’m glad I made you laugh. At the time it was not funny, but now I can laugh about it. My husband said hallmark should make “after the hallmark movie” lol So far so good with the cat

  • I love the keepsake ornaments you have. Those are so special and I fill our tree with them, too. Your tree is beautifully shaped!

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Thank you! Keepsake ornaments are so special.

  • Leanna Forsythe

    Your home sounds active, fun and loving. Your at the best stage of family Christmases even if they are a bit extra challenging decor wise. I love all the sentimental ornaments you have on your tree and that you have a living tree, they are so much nicer.

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Our home sure is. My son is so excited I don’t think he’s going to sleep at all this week in anticipation. I have special spots I decorate & thats about it. They grown up to fast so fewer decorations are only for a short time. I love real trees!

  • Emily Harper Waggoner Fish

    My girls used to lay under the tree like your cat! We have ornaments like yours for every year too. Looks beautiful!

    • Jennifer Sparmo

      Thank you! I bet you have the cutest pictures of them laying under the tree.