My children love Papa and he loves them so much. For Father's Day create this easy DIY personalized homemade gift to celebrate. This gift is perfect for Grandpa's Papa's or Dad's. This gift is also cheap to make but is unique to your family and of course a adding a favorite picture. #fathersdaygift #fathersday #fathersdaycrafts #DIY #Homemade #personalized #PhotoFrame

Papa Picture Frame

The bond between my children and their grandparents is the sweetest thing, it’s a love that runs deep and I love seeing them together. Plus it takes me back to my childhood and things they did with me. I wanted to make a Papa Picture Frame to capture one of those sweet moments. My favorite

Tutorial to learn how to use the curved text feature in Cricut Design Space and create a flip flop summer sign

Flip Flop Summer Sign

My favorite part of summer is flip flops! It’s my favorite type of sandal to wear. I will honestly wear flip flops anytime it’s over 50 degrees. I thought it would be fun to create a flip flop summer sign using the new curved text feature in Cricut Design Space for this months Craft and

Cricut 4th of July Paper craft

DIY 4th of July Paper Craft

Summer is in full swing, schools out for the summer, Father’s Day gifts are ready, so I started thinking what is next. Independence Day of course, the 4th of July. I have so many decorations for all the holidays throughout the year, but my 4th of July decorations are sad and minimal. This year that