Cricut Joy Insert Card using Cricut Design Spade and card mat to make

Card Making with Cricut Joy

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Greeting cards have become so expensive and with the new Cricut Joy, it has made card making so so easy. You can seriously make a card in under 5 minutes and the cutting machine does all the work. With a few simple supplies I’m going to show you card making with Cricut Joy.

If you haven’t heard the Cricut Joy is Cricut’s newest cutting machine. It is small, but mighty and has the same precision cuts as the larger machines. In my Cricut Joy: A Complete Guide I share all about the new machine and why I love it!

Insert Card and card mat with the Cricut Joy

Supplies for Cricut Joy Card Making

Cricut Joy
Cricut Card Mat
Insert Cards for Cricut Joy

Side View of the Cricut Joy opened

Let’s Do Some Card Making with Cricut Joy

Get started in Cricut Design Space™ and open a new project.

How to find Insert Card Designs in Cricut Design Space

Search for:
Projects- All Categories- Search Cricut Joy
Insert Cards
Quick Cut Cards
Quick Cut Everyday Cards
Slice Cards

Cricut Design Space and searching for cards to make with the Cricut Joy

Here is the biggest secret you need to know for card making with Cricut Joy. Here is the easiest way to make the cards. Search projects- all categories- search Cricut Joy, you can find the card you want and hit Make It. This is the easiest way for the insert card designs (I’ll explain more later in the post).

Easy card making with Cricut Joy and the card mat

Then it will ask you to review your card and hit continue. Follow the prompts on the screen and the Cricut Joy will start cutting the card design. Super easy right? If you have any of the Cricut Access Membership Plans the card designs are all free. Cricut is also giving access members free shipping until April 31st.

Cricut Joy using the card mat to make cards

How do you Use the Cricut Joy Card Mat?

At first the card mat looks confusing or it did to me, but it’s really not. The card mat is super super easy to use. What a cool idea Cricut came up with. The card mat has a protective film just like the other Cricut Mats. Remove the film and you will see that you can slide the card under the clear part of the mat.

Sliding the insert card onto the Cricut Joy Card Mat

Slide the card all the way over to the lines on the card mat so it’s a perfect fit for when you cut your card design.

Tutorial for using the card mat and the Cricut Joy

Once the cards in in place on the card mat, firmly press the top part of the card onto the mat.

Cricut Joy Card Mat Tutorial to make Cards

Cricut Joy Card Making and Cricut Design Space

If you search insert cards, you will see the parts of the card to design your own so keep that in mind for when you are feeling creative.

For quick cut cards and quick cut everyday cards you will find a nice variety of holiday, special occasions and cards for everything. Some of them are just so cute for birthdays, new baby, or graduation. The thing is if you do the quick cut cards search, you will have to delete the envelope, the score lines and resize the card design to fit on the card mat. Don’t worry because Cricut Design Space, tells you exactly the right size to make the card.

If you want to quickly and easily make cards search for the cards in the project section, if you want to be more adventurous then search in the images.

Cricut Joy Insert Card using Cricut Design Spade and card mat to make

Are you ready to go make some cards now? Buy a Cricut Joy?

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