Simple and Chic Bunny Wreath

Hello Spring!

I am so ready for pretty colors, green grass, and listening to the birds tweet. I’m over snow and snowman (I’ve been looking at them for months), it’s time for something new and beautiful.

I have always always loved the grapevine bunny wreaths, I ooh and aah at them every year in catalogs and on Pinterest. I’ve been dreaming about how I would decorate one. This year I finally have one!

I bought this bunny wreath (at Hobby Lobby) months ago when Easter/Spring decorations first came out in the stores, it’s something you have to grab early. I call this wreath simple & chic because you only need a couple supplies and its beautiful.

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Grapevine Bunny Wreath
Floral Garland
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Pack
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In the materials picture you will see these adorable pastel eggs. I had my heart set on putting them on the bunny, but once I was finished it was perfect without the eggs. I’m already planning on how I will create a centerpiece with the eggs. Also I added the ribbon (it’s from Dollar Tree) from my ribbon stash at the end because I wasn’t planning on it. It was just one of those creative moments.

I also used our garden cutters because the garland was so thick and it was still tough with them.

Now the most important thing about this project is the garland (from Joann Fabrics), you literally only have an extra inch to work with. So be very careful and don’t overlap the garland. This garland is awesome because with the flowers hanging off the garland, you can arrange the flowers around to cover plain green garland spots. So don’t worry if you have plain spots.

This is an example of a plain spot for the bunnies head, but in the final project you can’t see it.

Step One:
Lay out the garland on the bunny. Start with the biggest circle first and make sure the garland is tight as you measure around, then cut it. I attached the garland with wire so it stayed in place as I did the other pieces.

Then do the head and the ears.

This is the bunny with just the garland laying on.

Step Two:
Now that the garland is measured perfectly, now it’s time to make it beautiful. Arrange the flowers on the garland and make sure you don’t have any empty green garland spaces. For the green garland spaces, arrange your garland around until you can cover the space with flowers.

Step Three:
Glue the garland onto the grapevine wreath using the hot glue gun. The garland has a thick vine so I just put the hot glue onto the wreath & pressed it into the glue. Hold the vine until the count of 10 to make sure it sticks. Don’t worry the glue doesn’t show at all.

Step Four:
Add a touch of ribbon. I had gathered all the ribbon that matched my wreath from my ribbon stash and I was trying to decide what to do. I loved the way the flowers popped and I didn’t want to cover them, so I added a small purple bow to the bunnies ear.

I love this simple and chic bunny wreath. The whole project cost was about $12, for the bunny wreath and the garland. I bought both on sale and I already had the ribbon and the glue gun/glue.

Enjoy the spring!

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