Winter Storage for Small Spaces

Every season brings change and I feel winter brings the biggest change of all, especially if you live in a place with snowy and cold weather like me. With winter comes hats, gloves, scarves, boots, snow pants and more. I have a small home and organizaton is always key. My next house will definitely have a mud room or a door with easy access and closet space (it will be a must).

To solve this winter storage problem, we installed a hook rack and an accordian rack onto the back of the basement door. This will work great for an apartment to because the racks could be hung with 3M hooks. Before kids I had a cute basket that hats and gloves went in, but anyone with children know they will take anything. Then when it’s time for hats and gloves, the kids have no idea where they are. Leaving the house is always challenging, but adding that on top of it was just to stressful.

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To use the racks (both from the dollar tree)install them in a convenient place. I put them on the back of the basement door because they are not exaclty pretty, I don’t want the kids to be able to get to them and the basement door is right next to the door to the garage.


The hook rack works great for hats and scarves, but for the gloves/mittens use a ribbon and attach the ribbon to a clothespin and hang the clothespin from the hooks or knobs.


Then clip your mittens and gloves to the clothespin.


It works great! I used some white curling ribbon and some raffia ribbon that I had. I have a mix of regular clothespins and some decorative clothes pins that I had in my craft stash.


This has worked out perfectly because it’s right by the door, not accessible to the kids, and is a convenient way to store the winter gear when you don’t have access to a closet. This works perfectly for a small space or to save space in your closet. It also works for summer to because you can hang your flip flops and sneakers on the hooks. Once again the dollar tree saved the day and I was able to organize all of our winter gear for $3.

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