9 Decorated Turkey Sugar Cookies

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I have been searching Pinterest for decorated turkey sugar cookies to take for Thanksgiving desert. I know its not the usual desert, but we travel a long way and my son doesn’t like pie. He’s a cookie monster!

This will be my first time decorating turkey cookies. I am a novice and do it for fun and special occasions. I am still learning so I’m looking for a simple turkey to try. Some of these cookies are just works of art. I don’t know if I could even eat some of these, who am I kidding, I would.

Heres a list of some of my favorite decorated turkey cookies and the creativity of making turkeys out of ice cream cones, flowers, and handprints.

9 Decorated Turkey Sugar Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Cut Outs via the TidyMom

Super Simple Turkey Cookies via The Barefoot Baker

Easy Turkey Cookies via The Barefoot Baker

Handprint Turkey Cookies via Somewhat Simple

Turkey Cookies via Bake at 350 Cookie Decorating and More!

Decorated Turkey Face Cookies with an Ice Cream Cone Cookie Cutter via Sweet Sugarbelle

Embellishing Cookies- 5 Easy Ways to Add Visual Interest to Your Cookies via Sweetopia

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies via Semi Sweet Designs

Turkey Cookie Sticks you Can’t Mess Up via The Decorated Cookie

These turkey cookies are all beautiful and I’m sure they taste delicious to. In my mind these cookie artist have done an amazing job. I can’t wait to make my turkey cookies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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