Toiler Paper Roll Butterfly Craft with Washi Tape

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft with Washi Tape

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As a crafter and a mom, I always try to think of easy crafts for the kids to make. Even better are crafts with simple supplies and low prep work. Moms and teachers everywhere know exactly what I’m talking about. You know what’s even better, is crafts that are cheap, yep just save some of your toilet paper roll. I’ve been saving them for this toilet paper roll butterfly craft with washi tape for a couple weeks now. Usually the toiler paper rolls get thrown out (by someone who will remain nameless), but not this time.

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My kids love crafting with washi tape, we have made washi tape popsicles and leaves for the fall. I find all of the washi tape for our crafts at the Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot.

The kids get so excited when they see butterflies out in the yard and every time they yell “butterfly!” I was hoping we would have our caterpillars by now, but our weather has just been chilly. Our family tradition is getting a live butterfly garden every year. It’s amazing to see the caterpillars change into butterflies and to be helping nature.

Supplies for the Butterfly Craft

Supplies for Toilet Paper Butterfly Craft

Toilet Paper Roll
Butterfly Wings Template
Construction Paper or Card Stock
Washi Tape
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaner

Let’s Create a Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Washi Tape Toiler Paper Roll Craft

First cut out your butterfly wings from the template onto card stock or construction paper. Just click the template, save to your computer and print it.

Then wrap your toilet paper roll with washi tape to create your butterflies body. Depending on the age of your children, you might have to cut the washi tape for them.

Making Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

Next add your Googly Eyes . If your eyes are not self-adhesive, then use glue dots. I found these glue dots at Joann for $1.99. For the antennas on the butterfly craft, use a half of a pipe, cut in half, then curl the ends. I used glue dots for them too.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

Once your butterfly toilet paper roll is ready, it’s time to add it to the wings. I placed the glue dots in the center of the wings and then pressed down the toilet paper roll.

Easy Toiler Paper Roll Craft

I thought I was done, but realized this cute fun butterfly needs a mouth, just take a marker and add a mouth.

Butterfly Made From Toilet Paper Roll

What a fun crafty way to reuse a toilet paper roll. I hope you have fun making your own butterfly craft with this template. I like my wings purple, but you could always decorate your wings. Enjoy this easy butterfly craft for spring, summer, or Valentine’s Day!


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