November Family Tradition to Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time to remember how thankful and blessed we are in our daily lives. Life can be crazy, busy and unpredictable and sometimes it’s hard to remember everyday how much you have to be thankful for. “Crazy Blessed” describes my world. Plus as a mom I want to raise thankful and grateful children, who understand the importance of these virtues. We are so thankful to have started this November Family Tradition to help our children understand what it means to be thankful.

Family Traditions are important and helps the family grow in an abundance of ways. If you are looking for some Family Traditions to Start, this is a great list to begin with.

Teaching your family to be thankful with this Thanksgiving Tradition

November Family Tradition To Teach Being Thankful

Last year we started a new family tradition (that we love) for November, to share at dinner something we are thankful for. Sometimes it was silly or sometimes thoughtful, but it always reminded us how blessed we are. Sometimes it’s hard to remember their is always something to be thankful for. If we forgot at dinner, my son (who was 3 at the time) would remind us. He loved saying what he was thankful for.

Sharing what you are thankful for at family dinner

I can’t wait for this year! Sharing what your thankful for with your family everyday is a fun family bonding time. Sometimes the little things we do, are big things to our loved ones. I remember so many touching moments from our tradition last year.

For us it’s the easiest to share at dinner everyday, but do what works best for your family. I think when my children are older, I will create a Thankful Jar and have them write what they are thankful, plus what wonderful keepsakes the thankful notes will be.

November family tradition for thanksgiving to remind us how thankful and blessed we are

This family tradition will help your children learn about being thankful, build a strong family bond and to remind us all we are “forever thankful, always grateful, abundancy blessed.” How amazing would it be to have a family dinner in this setting? It would be magical.

November Family Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

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