Activity for Teaching Positional Words to Preschoolers

Activity for Teaching Positional Words to Preschoolers

Anyone have a child that loves stuffed animals? My son does & we have them all over our house. The stuffed animals are his favorite toy, he cherishes he each one. Another favorite of my son's is Hide & Go Seek, but we have a small house and easily run out of places to hide.

The other day he was begging me to play and I thought let's hide some of your animals and find them. It turned into a learning activity and he didn't even know it. As a mom and former teacher these are the best activities and kids will do them forever.

Ex: The bear is in the chair.

We all know how to play Hide & Go Seek, so I'm not going to explain that. When it was my son's turn to seek, I would hide 3 stuffed animals, then he would find them. When he found the stuffed animal, he had to tell me where the animal was. For example, the elephant is under the table or the penguin is next to the fish tank.

Ex: The penguin is on the shelf/kitchen. The penguin is under the shelf.

It was a fun way to practice positional words, get moving, and practice using complete sentences. Have fun playing and learning!

Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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