Teaching Early Math Skills Using Blocks

Teaching Early Math Skills Using Blocks

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Does your child love blocks? Love building? Mine do! We have these awesome blocks.

These blocks are amazing because they are foam and the kids can build and knock them down and it's noiseless, well the blocks are not the kids. The other great feature of these blocks is the tote bag they come in, easy to take out and easy to clean up and durable. We have had our blocks for a couple of years, which you can see in the pictures they are well loved.

Here are some math skills to practice when you play blocks with your kids.

  1. Practice colors: name/sort the colors
  2. Practice 3D Shapes: name the 3D Shapes as you build and sort the shapes

  1. Create patterns using the blocks: to keep it simple, we just used color patterns. For example in the picture my son made a blue blue yellow blue blue yellow pattern

  1. Practice counting how many blocks you used to build with

  1. Practice sizes: small, medium, large. Some ideas are sort the sizes and build only with one size.

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” -George Dorsey

Have fun playing, learning, building with your little ones.

Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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