Cricut Tools Storage Holder and Organizer Idea

Stylish Cricut Tool Storage and Organizer

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Have you ever been working on a project and can’t find your Cricut weeder, scraper or scissors? It’s happened to me more times then I can count. My Cricut Tools are usually under my paper or vinyl or whatever material I’m working with. Crafting can be a messy business. Seriously though, this new Cricut Tool Storage holder and organizer has made making so much easier!

I’ll be sharing a coupon code (and a bonus crafting tool must have) so you can get one too at the end of this post.

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Cricut Tool Storage and Organizer

This stylish and cute storage holder is perfect for craft rooms, small spaces or kitchens (like me). If you have to move your craft tools (like me) this is so easy to move and durable. The storage container doesn’t take up a lot of space and since it’s white it matches all kinds of styles.

Personalizing My Cricut Tool Holder

To personalize mine (because I love to personalize everything), I used the Cricut Maker image from Cricut Design Space™. How cute is this? I added Tools and now it’s perfect. If you love the Cricut Cutie, Design Space has an SVG of that too. They are all included with your Cricut Access Premium.

How do I organize my Cricut Supplies?

Besides my tool holder being adorable now, let’s talk about the functionality of it has a tool holder and organizer. For mine I put in my essential tools that I use all the time when I make. Since the tool holder is open, it makes it so easy to grab whatever tool you need and so easy to put it back.

Cricut Tools Storage Holder and Organizer Idea

In my Cricut Tool Holder is

Brayer and Tweezers
Basic Tool Set
XL Scraper

Another great thing- it has plenty of room to add in more. Like these glitter gel pens or the weeding tool kit.

Small Compartment on Cricut Tool Storage Holder

Did you see the secret little compartment at the bottom? It’s perfect for the scraper. It slides right in and is easy to get out. The Cricut Tool Storage comes apart or you can use your weeding tool to pull it out (both are super easy).

Are you convinced yet that you need one?

Mini Trashcan for Making with your Cricut

I have to share one more thing from Lots A Style that I love, my mini countertop trash can. For all those vinyl scraps, paper and more, it makes crafting clean up a breeze. My husband used to always complain about my double sided scrapbook squares being on the floor, but not anymore!

If you would like to get the storage holder or the mini countertop trash can, use the coupon code “Cookies30” for 20% off your order. Happy Shopping!

After talking about this adorable Cricut Tool Storage holder, it’s time to go make and create something now that my tools are so easy to find and use.

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