St. Patrick's Day Printable Gifts

St. Patrick's Day Printable Gifts

St. Patrick's Day is a week away and it's a great time to show teachers, friends, and neighbors that they are appreciated. It's a great way to "sweeten" someones day. Here is a list of all printable tags to attach to something sweet. These tags can all be printed and attached to a mason jar or small treat bags. I have the tags separated for teachers and for everyone.

Here are some for teachers:
Larissa Another Day- this site provides a list of treats to put in the bag or just use gold wrapped candy

Eighteen25- use with any gold candy (the Hershey Almond and Toffee Nuggets are my favorite)

Simplicistically Living- this was made for a jar, but can a bag can be used to with gold wrapped candy

Here are some for everyone:
Mission to Save- cute tag with Rollos

Cutefetti- super cute tag for peppermint patties

Happy St. Patrick's Day and have fun creating a sweet treat to make someones day extra special.

Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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