St.Patrick’s Day Printable Emergent Reader

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St. Patricks Day is here, St, Patricks Day is here, Time to wear green and dance a jig, St. Patrick’s day is here! This St.Patrick’s Day Printable Emergent Reader will be a fun addition to your celebration and your child’s library.

If you are getting ready for St. Patrick’s day, this printable emergent reader is perfect for a classroom or for home. This book is 2 per page for printing. To go along with the book, try some of these fun St.Patrick’s Day Crafts. The kids will enjoy making a leprechaun or shamrock and reading the book.

St.Patrick’s Day Printable Emergent Reader

I have made two versions of this book. One version uses the sight words come and look as the focus words to practice. The repetitive pattern will make the book easy to read and to highlight those words.

The other printable St.Patrick’s Day book focuses on the sight words see and the.

When reading the book, stop and ask your child to point to the sight words in random order. Also you can practice the beginning sounds of the pictures on each page.

This book is perfect for preschool, kindergartner, or first grader because it’s an emergent level reader with a simple repetitive pattern. Each book is black and white so your child can also enjoy coloring the pictures.

St. Patrick’s Day Come/Look Book

St. Patrick’s Day See Book

My kids love all holidays and like any reason to celebrate and really enjoy reading books associated with the holidays. They always remind me when it’s time to change out the books. Below I listed some of our favorites we love to read. My son absolutely loves the little old lady series and everything she swallows. My daughters new favorite is the The Littlest Leprechaun . If you have a unicorn lover, this is a great book.

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