DIY Halloween Porch Sign

Spooky Halloween Porch Sign

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When I was a kid my parents always decorated our front yard and porch for Halloween. Every year it was something new and different. One year we had skeletons playing cards at a table, that was one of my favorites, I can still picture it like it was yesterday. I’m carrying on that tradition now with my kids. We go all out for Halloween. This year I’m all about reversible decorations so I created this Spooky Halloween Porch Sign on the other side of my Fall Porch Sign.

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Supplies for a DIY Halloween Porch Sign

Black Spray Paint
Common Board
White Craft Paint
Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer Matte
Oracal 631 Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Painters Tape
Makeup Wedge
Cricut Maker

This project gave me a headache. I wasn’t even sure if it was going to turn out ok. The vinyl, wood and transfer tape gave me so many problems. Time is always an issue and I didn’t have enough to create the Halloween side last year. The biggest problem (I think) is the wood was weathered from being outside last year.

Let’s Create a Spooky Halloween Porch Sign

Using Cricut Design Space, I create a rectangle the size of my sign- it’s about 11 inches wide by 61 inches tall. Font choice is always hard for me and I decided to use Lumberjack. Instead of o’s I used a ghost image.

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I cut everything in oracle 631 and transferred it to the sign. Uhh this is when all the trouble started. For some reason the vinyl just didn’t want to stick. I was able to get it all on and use painters tape to hold it in place. I still had some bubbles, but I was hoping for the best. One of the ghost mouth was lost so I removed the other mouth. It was like anything that could go wrong did with this project.

Cricut Made Stencils for the DIY Halloween Porch Sign

Stenciling the Halloween Porch Sign

Stenciling white on black takes about 6 coats and your hand will get tired from the repetitive motion. I was determined to get this done when my daughter was at preschool and it took me the whole two hours. An hour fighting with vinyl and an hour stenciling. I’m so glad I stuck with it because it came out awesome.

Stenciling the DIY Halloween Porch Sign

For stenciling I like to use a makeup wedge cut in half. I dab the makeup wedge in the paint, then dab it on a paper towel every time. Less paint is more. Then dab up and down slowly. I did the edges only once since I had bubbles and not a good seal. Since the sign is so big, I did 3 letters at a time.

How to stencil using a make up dabber on Halloween Porch Sign

I let the paint dry 24 hours and then put on 5 coats of the Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer in Matte finish. Then since the sign has 2 ghost and I have 2 children, I added on ribbon to give one a bow and one a bowtie. Look at these cuties!

Cute Halloween Ghost on Spooky Halloween Porch Sign

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Decorating with the Halloween Porch Sign

Halloween is so much fun and I love decorating with cute ghost and ghouls. Do you like to decorate for Halloween?

Halloween Porch Sign Decorating Idea

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