Spooktacular Ghost Banner

My son loves fall and Halloween more then any other season or holiday. So in our house September and October are all about fall and Halloween. The awesome thing about this project is that it’s all from the dollar store, I did use twine I already had, but you can use any type of ribbon, etc that can be found at the dollar store. Everything else was in the Halloween section of the dollar store. I started this project without thinking about taking pictures, so I don’t have pictures of everything.

Materials Needed:
A Package of Foam Ghost
Multicolored Halloween Paint (extra paint to)
Google Eyes
Twine or Ribbon (if you want to make a banner)
Glue Gun
Hot Glue
1 inch Ovals for mouth

Step 1:
Very simple, have fun and paint the ghost anyway your child would like to.

  • The Halloween paint is from the $1 store and doesn’t have a lot of paint in it, so I had other Crayola washable paint and my craft paint to refill the little tubs as needed. I think it took about 3 refills. He also covered the ghost completely in paint and is a messy painter, so depending on how your child paints will determine how much paint you will need.

Step 2:
Glue on the google eyes

  • My son told me "You do it Mommy" and didn’t care about the eyes at all, so I just hot glued them on. He was disappointed the eyes did not peel and stick, but I reminded him the eyes were only a $1 and thats what you get. If your child would like to glue, I would recommend Elmers White Glue or glue dots.

Step 3:
If you would like to create a banner-
Glue the ghost onto a string/ribbon (of any kind) and hang them. As seen in the picture, I laid the ghost painted side down and glued about 3 ghost at a time. I did check it after every 3 to make sure the ghost looked good hanging up.

This Spooktacular Ghost Banner is going to decorate my sons room for this Halloween season. He’s so proud of his work! We had so much fun making it together. This project does take 2 days because the paint has to dry before you can do the eyes and the banner. As I was publishing this blog, my son said the ghost needed a mouth so they could say "Boo!" So on my Cricut I cut 1 inch ovals in white card stock and my son glued them on. As I was hanging the final project, I realized the banner was to long, so I cut it in half with 5 ghost on each banner.

Enjoy this Spooktacular Craft!

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