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Rainbow Writing for Preschoolers

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Before I was a stay at home mom blogger, I was a Kindergarten teacher for many years. In that time I tried many different strategies to help children learn how to write numbers and letters. One of the most successful ways to help children learn to write letters and numbers is rainbow writing. For rainbow writing I like to use colored pencils and have the child trace the letter over and over again. I used to have my students use 5 colors for each letter and number. Honestly you can use crayons or markers to.

Here is an example of rainbow writing

To begin learning how to write letters, start with the letters in your child’s name. Then add letters as your child is ready.

Just print the letters and let your child begin. Make sure your child is starting at the top of the letter as they rainbow write. Model a new skill as you teach it to your child and always go back and model, if you see your child is struggling. Also add a green dot to show your child where to start, if you would like. If your doing this in a classroom setting, model, model, model! From my experience in the Kindergarten classroom, some of my students loved to color the letters and needed constant redirecting.

Uppercase/Capitol Letters for Rainbow Writing
https://www.dropbox.com/s/edyc0yrybqntynb/UpperCase Rainbow Letter Writing .pdf?dl=0

Lowercase Letters for Rainbow Writing
https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsv80569tanl329/LowerCase Rainbow Writing .pdf?dl=0

Have fun rainbow writing! If your child enjoyed rainbow writing letters, watch for my post on rainbow writing numbers.

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