Printable Alphabet Book

One of the most important things a child needs to know now when they enter Kindergarten is the alphabet. This will help your child be successful in Kindergarten and beyond because starting school with a strong skill set will enable them to learn new skills faster and to make connections between new information and known information.

This alphabet book is extremely simple to make and will be something your child enjoys doing. I have attached the sheets for each page of the book with each letter having a page. On each page attach a picture that corresponds with that letter. Use pictures of friends, family, toys, pets, holidays, vacations or anything your child loves. For the first letter of your child’s name use a picture of your child.

Here is some examples from my sons book:
A a- playing with stuffed animals
F f- playing with his farm
H h- riding a horse
I i- eating ice cream
K k- Aunt Katie
P p- playing in his pool
S s- a picture of my son

Children are motivated by things that they love and know, so any pictures of them playing, doing activities or favorite people are perfect for the alphabet book. If your child is just starting to learn the alphabet, start with the letters in your child’s name and then add letters as they learn them. For example if you child’s name is Mike, only start with the letters M, i, k, e.

To create the book, I used a small three ring binder and plastic page covers because the book gets used so much and slipped each letter into a page cover. You can tell by the crinkled pages this book is well loved.

Here is the printable Personalized Alphabet Book to print and add pictures for your child. Book .pdf?dl=0

To use the book with your child, say each letter as the letter is traced with his/her finger or you can trace it to show the child how to trace. It’s always good to model a new skill and its easy for the child to visually see you trace the letter. Make sure to start at the top of each letter as the letter is traced.

Enjoy the ABC book and the wonderful memories it holds as your child learns the alphabet.

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