Photo Organization Ideas for Printed Photos

Photo Organization Ideas for Printed Photos

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I love to take pictures! Its one of my favorite things to capture a moment in time and to have that memory forever. Since I’ve had my children my photo collection is huge. This is my photo organization ideas and how I store all of my pictures.

Photo Box Photo Organization Ideas

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Another love in my life is scrapbooking! I make a family scrapbook for each year and I scrap by months of the year. I put only my favorite photos in the scrapbook and I try to scrap the months right after they happen so I remember funny phrases or anecdotes. So I had to figure out a way to store the other photos. I started with photo albums, but I just had to many pictures. Then when I was at Michaels Arts & Crafts Store, the photo boxes spoke to me and I have been using them ever since. Plus the photo boxes are usually around $2 on sale, which is cheaper then photo albums and are so pretty!

Photo Organization Ideas for Printed Photos

Photo Organization Ideas for your Printed Photos

Each month I print my pictures and I love to use Walgreens because they always have sales. Then I label each picture with the month and year. When my children were smaller I did label each picture with the exact date, but it became to much.

Writing Dates on Photos for Storage and Organization

Then on my Cricut Maker I made photo dividers for each month and I write the month and year on them. This is the fun part, sometimes I use themed paper for the month and sometimes just colored card stock.

Creating Photo Dividers with Cricut for Photo Organization Ideas

This has worked out wonderful for me! The photo boxes hold about a year and a half of photos and they are all organized. Plus if you are looking for a photo or a memory, just go to that month or time of year and it’s easy to find. It works out great when I go to fill my frames on our photo wall because I go to October and find the new Halloween pictures or I go to April for birthday pictures.

Life can be so busy, but this is an easy way to organize and store memories.

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