Create a cute and fun picture frame with paper straws as a Valentine's Day Craft for kids. It's easy and makes a perfect gift for parents. Learn how to make this for preschool or elementary school and is perfect for a Valentine's Day Party. #ValentinesDay #Valentinesdayparty #ValentinesDayCraft #Kids #KidsCraft

Paper Straws Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

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I always notice the pretty paper straws at the store, but I’ve heard they are not great to drink out of. When I was at Walmart the other day, they were just putting out Valentine’s Day stuff and I saw these cute heart straws. I bought a couple packages and had an idea, but my original idea didn’t work out. That happens sometimes with crafting, but you just keep thinking and something magical happens. Kids will love creating this picture frame Valentine’s Day craft for kids! It’s perfect for the classroom, class parties, elementary or preschool, and makes a cute gift for parents.

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Supplies for Easy and Cute Kid’s Valentine’s Craft

Paper Straws
Card Stock
Glue Stick
Heart/Valentines Foam Stickers

Cutting the paper straws for an easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Let’s Create a Paper Straws Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

The first step is to cut the straws in half to create the picture frame. Cutting the straws can either be done by the students or precut by an adult depending on the age of the child. I used my new craft mat and it was so easy with the ruler on the side.

Cute Picture Frame mat for Valentine's Kids Craft

Cut a piece of card stock, just a little bit bigger then the square shape of the straws so about 5.5 by 5.5. You can make the card stock any color you would like.

Easy and Cute Valentine's Day craft for kids using a glue stick

Glue the straws onto the edge of the card stock and a glue stick worked great! That’s why this makes a great classroom party craft because the kids can glue this easily.

Add embellishments to the corners of the straws. I used foam glitter hearts from the Dollar Tree that I already had. They are not adhesive so I used hot glue. For the classroom I would use self-adhesive heart stickers.

Paper Straws Picture Frame for Valentine's Day

Then add an adorable picture and a magnet on the back. This looks so cute on the fridge! My little Valentine is the cutest!

Easy and Cute Paper Straws Picture Frame Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

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