Dollar Store LEGO Photo Booth

My Secret Tips for a Dollar Store LEGO Photo Booth

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Ever since we saw The LEGO Movie 2 The Second Part in the theaters, it has taken over my house. The kids fell in love with the soundtrack, the characters (who doesn’t love Lucy and Emmet), and the Duplo Monsters. Our Echo Dot pretty much plays the soundtrack on loop mode everyday- it really is catchy. Both of my kids chose to have a LEGO themed party. My son’s was around the movie and my daughters is a Unikitty Rainbow Party. All details about the parties will be coming soon! Every parent gets stressed at birthday time between presents and the party. These are my secret tips for a dollar store LEGO Photo Booth that will take you less than 10 minutes to create.

This month I’m participating in a Dollar Store Projects Party where all the host will be sharing something created using Dollar Store Supplies. The Dollar Store has so much good stuff, I can’t wait to see what my blogging friends have created.

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Supplies for a Cheap LEGO Party

Dollar Tree LEGO Flag Banner
Dollar Tree LEGO Party Plates
Paint Sticks

Remember I said cheap- cost a whole $3 or maybe less if you already have paint sticks or maybe you can get some for free. Are you singing “everything is awesome” because you should be.

Let’s Create a LEGO Photo Booth

LEGO Photo Booth Backdrop

First find a place in your house that is blank. I like to use the side of our fridge because it’s perfect for this. Remember a bigger space means more decorations and remember kids are little. If you don’t have an empty space, hang a plastic tablecloth as your empty space. For the photo booth props, I just put them in a black bucket near the fridge.

Decorate your photo booth backdrop with the LEGO Pennants. The pennants are self adhesive (simple remember) so stick them in place. I did rows of the pennants, but decorate as you like. Now your backdrop is ready for photos.

Dollar Store LEGO Plates

Let’s Create some Awesome LEGO Photo Props

A really easy way to make photo props is by using birthday plates, it’s a great party idea for kids. Grab a pack of the LEGO Dessert Plates and decorate them with sayings from the movie. Another fun idea is to create games with the birthday plates, I made this skeeball toss using the plates for the party too.

Dollar Store LEGO Plates as Props

I do have a Cricut Maker and made the sayings in vinyl and used transfer paper to adhere them to the plates. If you don’t have a cutting machine, that’s okay!

Dollar Store LEGO Photo Prop

Use stickers, markers, or print them on the computer and glue them to the plates.

LEGO Photo Prop

Even better have the plates on the sticks and let the kids (depending on their age) write their own message.

Dollar Store LEGO Photo Booth

Since I like to over do things (as my husband says) I also made Lucy, Emmet, and Sweet Mayhem on my Cricut also. If you would like to add the characters and don’t have a cutting machine, use LEGO Minifigurines or print pictures off the computer.

Secret finished Photo Booth

These secret tips make creating a photo booth so easy and not just for LEGOS. This photo booth backdrop and props could work for any theme, all you need our pennants and plates. The secret tips will make everyone at the birthday jealous over your creativity and your kids will be like “my mom is awesome.”

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