Mickey and the Roadster racer fans get ready for paryt fun with your own Mickey and Minnie Ears. learn how to make these easy party favors for your child's next birthday. #Mickey #MickeyBirthday #MickeyMouseBirthday #mickeymouseears #Kids #PartyFavor #DIY

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Party Favors

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Here is another fun DIY for a Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday party, Mickey and Minnie Mouse Racer Ears. The Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Party Favors are perfect to hand out at the party. This way everyone can embrace their racing side and it’s a creative alternative to party hats! The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Racer Ears where a huge hit at my son’s preschool party. The kids put them on and sang the theme song, it was adorable.

To make these cute ears, you will need a few materials and patience. My biggest piece of advice is to try and find plain headbands that are just plastic, taking the fabric and leather off was the worst part of this project. I used them because that’s all I could find, plus the duct tape won’t stick to the fabric or the leather on the headbands. I had to remake the first ones because I thought the duct tape would just stick to it, but I was wrong.

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Supplies for the Birthday Party Favors

Pink Polka Dot Ribbon from the Dollar Tree
Checkered Duct Tape
Black Card Stock
Yellow Cardstock
Dark Red Card Stock
Hot Glue Gun
Cricut Machine

Let’s Create Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Party Favors

If you have headbands with fabric or leather (like mine in the below picture), you have to take off the covering. I did this by using the scissors to slit the covering and then I peeled it off. Be careful though, I totally cut my finger doing this and honestly it hurt so bad for days.

Then I cut the duct tape about 4 squares wide (like in the picture below). The checkered flag duct tape is awesome because it has straight lines to follow. Sometimes the scissors will stick to the duct tape (which makes uneven lines). The duct tape was easy to work with, this was my first time ever working with duct tape and I would do it again!

Then you take the duct tape and wrap it around the headband (like in the pictures below) and just wrap it all the way around so the duct tape overlaps.

Once all the headbands are wrapped in the checkered flag duct tape, I used my Cricut Explore to cut Mickey Ears for each headband. When I made the Mickey Ears in Design Space, using my Cricut Access Premium,
I wielded a small rectangle to the bottom of the Mickey Ears so I could attach them to the headbands. I hot glued the Mickey Ears to the headband.

If you don’t have a Cricut you could print or cut Mickey ears onto black cardstock and just add a small rectangle at the bottom to glue them on with.

For the Mickey Ears I used my Cricut Explore to cut lightning bolts just like Mickey. I used the pink polka dot ribbon to make bows for Minnie’s ears. I used hot glue for the bows and the lighting bolts.

Cricut Maker Machine

Now your Mickey and Minnie Ears are ready for the birthday party. These will make great favors to put at each place setting or to have on a table for everyone to pick up and join in the roadster racer birthday party fun!

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