Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Centerpiece

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Here is another addition to my son’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Party. The centerpiece is simple and easy. I used ideas from the DisneyJunior website and also images from the show and recreated them using my Cricut Explore. I created these images in Cricut Design Space™ using my Cricut Access Premium membership. This can also be created by just printing the images from the DisneyJunior website and creating the centerpiece.

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To create the centerpiece I made checkered flags with paper from and added the deep red Mickey ears to the top of each flag. Then I made the tire image (this one is used on the show) using 3 different size circles, largest in black cardstock, next size white cardstock, then red cardstock, then grey cardstock with black Mickey ears in the center. After creating the tire I glued the tire onto the wooden dowel and then created the same tire image on the other side of the dowel, so now your centerpiece is two-sided.

For the other part of the centerpiece, I used grey cardstock to create a nut and bolt (I think thats right, I’m not a nuts & bolts experts), then in the center of the bolt, I glued the black circle, then I layered the red circle on the black and glued the Mickey ears in the center. To make this image two-sided I just added the circles to other side (the same as the front).

For the last piece of the centerpiece I did black Mickey ears in cardstock and added the number four in yellow cardstock because that’s how old my son will be.

I used hot glue to glue everything together. Just remember to go over all the pieces when your done to get off all the tiny pieces of glue/strings. In the bottom of the red bucket, I glued styrofoam balls to the bottom of the bucket once I decided how I wanted my centerpiece to look. At first I was going to do checkered flags on each side of the centerpiece, but I decided I just didn’t like it and only put one in the front. You will use one styrofoam ball for each dowel.

Then add the shredded paper and your centerpiece is complete!

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