Merry Christmas Porch Sign

Merry Christmas Porch Sign with Cricut

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Decorating the porch for Christmas is something I truly love, but I live where it knows a lot so I have to be careful with my decoration choices. Last year I made these small merry and bright signs and it was a great touch. This year I’m creating a Merry Christmas Porch Sign with Cricut because my porch decor needs a little something more.

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Supplies for Stenciled DIY Porch Sign

Outdoor Wood/Scrap Wood/Fence Post
Red Outdoor Spray Paint
Apple Barrel White Paint
Oracal 631 Removable Vinyl
Makeup Wedge
Mod Podge Sealer in Matte
Cricut Maker

Let’s Create a Merry Christmas Porch Sign with Cricut

Step 1:

Paint your board red using the red outdoor spray paint.

Step 2:

Merry Christmas Porch Sign in Cricut Design Space

Create your design in Cricut Design Space™. For my design I used Merry and Christmas from other SVGS. I like to cut the letters first in paper and tape them to the board to make sure I like the design, placement, and size of the letters. I’m a very visual person and seeing is believing (a little Polar Express thrown in).

Step 3:

Cutting the vinyl with your Cricut Maker to make a stencil to paint

Once you like the way the design looks, cut it in the Oracal 631 removable vinyl (color of the vinyl doesn’t matter). Weed out the part you don’t need and use transfer tape to add the letters to the board.

Using transfer paper to add stencil made with Cricut to wooden porch sign

Remember since you are stenciling the design, to keep all the middles of the R and a’s when weeding your design.

Weeded design for the Merry Christmas stencil for the wood porch sign

Step 4:

Using painters tape around the stencil for painting on the Merry Christmas porch sign

Add painters tape around the stencil to give yourself more safe space to stencil. This is my secret weapon when making porch signs or stenciling.

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Step 5:

Make Up Wedge to paint on porch sign

Using a make up wedge, start stenciling. Remember less paint is better and go slowly as you stencil. Since your stenciling onto a darker color, it will need at least 5 coats of white paint.

Step 6:

Let your porch sign dry completely and spray with a sealer. I like to use the Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer in Matte. Plus add a bow, if you would like.

Merry Christmas Porch Sign with Cricut

Now I have a Merry Christmas Porch Sign too and you have an easy tutorial to follow to create your own. I had most of the supplies already so this porch sign only cost me about $5 for the spray paint. Even if you have to buy the supplies, I promise it will cost less then buying it. If your not sure about stenciling a sign, this is how I made a porch sign with vinyl.

I just can’t decide if I like it on the porch or by the side door or maybe I need another sign so I can have one in both places.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with my farmhouse front entrance/porch decor/entryway decor. These simple outdoor DIY farmhouse ideas are rustic and charming with touches of buffalo check. #Christmas #Christmasdecor #ChristmasPorch #BuffaloCheck #FarmhouseChristmas

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