How to make a grocery list

How to Make a Grocery List for your Family

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Who dreads creating a grocery list? I do! Every two weeks I do the shopping for our family. It’s stressful and time consuming to create a shopping list and a meal plan. It’s just another thing on my never ending to do list. I decided I needed to make a change because going to the store without a good list was just a disaster. Without a grocery list, you overspend, buy things you might already have or forget important items you need. I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks you need to make shopping less stressful with my how to make a grocery list.

Tips and Ideas to Create a Grocery List

Now everyone shops differently and for different items. I realized after creating the grocery list for so long, that my shopping list is very similar every couple of weeks. Vegetables and fruit change with the seasons, but the kids snacks, meat and household items really don’t.

I go to a few different stores to get the best deal and different items. I sort my list by the stores, but you can sort your list into categories of what you buy if you buy everything at the same store.

Once you decide how you want to write your list- start with how the store is organized. This keeps me from forgetting items or having to walk around the store (which takes longer) to find all the items on my list. I’m all about DIY, organization, crafting, living on a budget and saving time.

Food Categories for Grocery List

I just took a blank piece of paper and wrote down how the store was organized. I’ve been to Target so many times I can visualize the aisles. If your not sure how the aisles go, then just jot down some notes the next time you go shopping. Being organized and having your list organized will make shopping so much easier.

Meal Plan to make Family Grocery List

The last step before creating my families grocery list is to make a meal plan. Once I have meal plan and check the pantry, then I’m ready to create my list.

I used to completely dread shopping from finding items, to the length of time it took to shop and writing the dreaded list. Now with my organized grocery list, I just sip my latte and roll through the aisles. Things still end up in the cart, Target’s Dollar Spot just calls my name and has the best goodies. The pantry is fully stocked at all times and I have everything I need for meals.

How to Write a List for your Family

Are you feeling more confident about grocery shopping now? Do you see all the positives of having a master grocery list. The last step is to decide how to write your grocery list. What I mean is do you want to use a printable? A notebook? A bullet journal? An App?

how to make a grocery list in a notebook

For me I prefer to use a notebook with pockets, it’s the perfect place to put my coupons. Another reason I love the notebook is I can use it for months at a time before I have to rewrite the list. The notebook also fits nicely in my purse and I never lose it at the store. About a month ago I took a paper list (it’s a long story) and I kept losing it- the whole shopping trip was a huge disaster.

Stores on Grocery List

In my grocery notebook- I have each store labeled. Then I have my list written organized by the store layout. On your grocery list should be everything you might buy. You know what your family needs and eats, just look at your meal plan, check your pantry and check what you need to buy on your list. This is how you save money and thrive on a budget. Also buy the fruits and vegetables in season because this will save you money too.

To keep track of what I need to buy, I place a checkmark next to it. Once I put it in the cart, I put a line through the checkmark. Then the next time I do the shopping I put a new check and just keep filling it out until I run out of room or it starts to be messy.

What to write on the grocery list

Eventually your list will change. When my husband started KETO, I had to change the grocery list of new things to buy and take off old things. The beauty of this list is it’s easy to change. Once you take the time to make it, it will pay off week after week and month after month. The time saved, the meals made will become so much easier.

These tips and ideas have made grocery shopping for my family so much easier. It helps me stay on track, buy what we need, save money, and shop on a budget.

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