Make Your Own Birthday Hat Decorating Center

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Birthdays are fun and exciting! When I was little I loved those cone shaped party hats. It made the party so much more (I hope I’m not the only one ). Honestly I feel like party hats have fallen to the wayside and it’s time for a comeback. Find out how to make your own birthday hat decorating center at your next party.

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Now your hat decorating center doesn’t have to be the classic cone hat– it can be a crown or unicorn horn or superhero shaped. It can be whatever goes with your theme- just make it something the kids can wear. It will add a special touch to your party and make it memorable.

My biggest piece of advice is to make it completely kid friendly and as independent as you can. A mom on birthday day needs as much help as she can get. Also make sure it’s age appropriate, for example you don’t want to give a toddler small beads (it might not end well).

Can you guess the biggest point of all of these tips? It will save you so much headache to not worry about glue- opening glue, running out of glue, arguing about glue. Just forget the glue. If you want to give the hats a special touch like a pom pom or ribbon, do it before hand so the hats are all set. So the kids can just decorate!

Let’s Create a Make Your Own Birthday Hat Decorating Center

#1 Tip for an Easy Clean Up of the Make Your Own Birthday Hat Decorating Center: Place a small garbage can or basket for all the trash to go into. Place it on or near the decorating center. This will be a life saver!

A decorating hat center is perfect for when guest arrive to start the party- come on in and decorate a hat. It’s a great party activity to keep everyone busy until everyone arrives.

Maybe the hat decorating will be the highlight of the party and everyone will do it at the same time. Either way it will be fun and exciting! Kids love creating and everyone will be oohing and aahing over each others hats. The hat can also be apart of the goody bag to so that makes two things in one- party hat & party favor!

As for materials think of your party theme and age of your guest. I wouldn’t use anything that has to dry (remember the self-adhesive) because then the hats can’t be worn. Head to your local craft store and go right to the scrapbook section, there will be all kinds of self adhesive embellishments.

If you have a cutting machine ( I love my Cricut Maker), create images and use a Sticker Machine to create your own unique stickers.

Happy Party Planning & Creating! Are you ready for a make your own birthday hat decorating center?

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