Jack Skellington Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Jack Skellington Paper Plate Craft and Book

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Jack! Jack! Jack! My house is in love with Jack, you know Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, we our huge fans! When I received The Nightmare Before Christmas Book, I knew creating a Jack Skellington Paper Plate Craft would be so much fun and the kids love hanging Christmas decorations in their rooms.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Book

The inspiration for this project came from The Nightmare Before Christmas Book from In the Book Published by Signature. My munchkins have loved reading this every night since we opened the box.

The illustrations in the book are colorful, crisp and astonishing. As we read the story, my son loves to look at the pictures and notices all the small details. The double page illustrations are out of this world. Look at this one with Jack driving his coffin sleigh.

Plus the best part of this book, is all the personalization. I had the book personalized for my son, Shane, since he is the biggest Jack Skellington fan I know. He loved seeing his name on the front cover and even on the pages inside.

Don’t forget the personalized dedication page!

Since The Nightmare Before Christmas is both for Halloween and Christmas, my husband came up with the cutest saying for the dedication. We hope this is something our son will cherish forever.

Let’s Create a Jack Skellington Paper Plate Craft

Decorating for all the holidays is something we love to do in our home. So creating a Jack Skellington Paper Plate Craft in a Santa hat was the perfect idea. My son’s favorite part of the book is Jack with a Santa hat on the last page. He was so excited when he found Jack as Santa.

To make the paper plate craft, just cut out Jack’s eyes and nose and glue onto the paper plate. Then using a black marker, add on Jack’s mouth. Don’t forget his Santa hat and of course Jack’s classic black and white striped ribbon.

This book makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, Birthdays or any special occasion. It comes in a pretty box and the personalization and detail in this book is amazing, I would highly recommend them. I’m going to be looking for a personalized book for my daughter now from In The Book.

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