New Years Tradition to Save and Preserve your Memories

It’s hard to believe it is time to say good bye to 2016 and hello to 2017. As I have grown older, the time seems to fly without ever stopping. I feel like in the typical day to day life, my children are growing up and doing amazing things that someday I probably won’t remember. I have a horrible memory to begin with so last year I decided I had to find a way to write down and cherish these wonderful moments forever. I do scrapbook each month of adventures and moments of the year, but so many little things happen on a daily basis. I wanted to remember our story.

So last New Years Eve I had an idea to write down a little moment from each day of the year for 2016 and on New Years Eve or New Years day of 2017, we would read them and relive those little moments. At the time this seemed like an amazing easy idea, it is until life happens. So I already know that I am missing days and possibly weeks, but I still have many little moments to read tonight with my family. I am truly looking forward to this later today. To anyone that has watched children grow, they really say and do the funniest things.

To begin this idea, I cut scrapbook paper into small rectangles. I used scrap paper so I have some rectangles and some squares. I wasn’t specific about the size at all, I just made them big enough to write a couple sentences on. This is a wonderful way to use up extra paper.

I am all about seasons, themes, and holidays, so for January I used the snowman, February I used the hearts and Valentine’s paper, and for March I used green paper, leprechauns, and St. Patricks Day paper. After the first 3 months I realized I was running out of room to store them and I was also worried about losing them because of course I’m going to save these. These will be amazing keepsakes for my children.

Beginning in April I began to use a journal instead to record the little moments because it was hard to fit those adorable, funny, sometimes messy moments onto the small pieces of paper. I have tried to make it a daily journal entry after I put the kids to bed, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Many times when a little moment happens, I will enter it into my phone as a note and then record it later in the journal. Even though I have missed days this year, I still have many memories recorded about our lives. I know I have focused mainly on little moments about my children, but I put in something about every one because we all have little moments that are special/happy or sometimes sad, but important to us just the same. My husband is full of shenanigans so he would probably need his own journal of his daily little moments, but his shenanigans make us all laugh and smile.

Happy New Years! I hope you record your families story and cherish those little moments as I have found a way to cherish my families story. I hope your 2017 is amazing and memorable.

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